Seriously, this guy is off the hook

When innocently asked if he had any plans to ‘re-imagine’ older titles for services like WiiWare or Xbox Live Arcade, IGA lamented:

Castlevania has a lengthy legacy of great games, and I’m definitely interested in revisiting them if I get a chance. However, every time I’ve tried to pitch something like that, I just get told I should make a new game instead. But yes, if there is another opportunity like there was with Dracula X Chronicles, it’s something that I would definitely like to do.

So basically, Konami is stopping us from getting that kick-ass Castlevania IV reboot, and instead thinks we need a crappy free-roaming fighting game with character designs that look like they fell out of an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Gee, thanks Konami.

Source: Kikizo, via GoNintendo