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Monday4th Oct 2021

  • Random Warm Up For Metroid Dread With The Official Series Adventure Book

    Play like it's 1989

    Make your own adventure books were all the rage once upon a time, at least that's how this scribe remembers the late '80s and early '90s. With nothing but descriptive text, maybe a small number of illustrations, a dice and a good imagination, you would embark on journeys around the world, try to win the league as manager of a...

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  • News This Metroid Dread LEGO Set Proposal Looks Absolutely Incredible

    Another delightful LEGO Ideas... idea

    Back in January of this year we reported on a very tasty looking Lego Metroid set submitted to the LEGO Ideas website by creator L-DI-EGO. That proposed set — which included a custom Samus minifigure, her iconic ship, a Galactic Federation Gunship and several different forms of Ridley — officially managed...

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