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  • Video Here's The First 90 Minutes Of Metroid Dread

    Spoiler warning, obviously!

    We're just hours away from the official launch of Metroid Dread (it's come around pretty quickly, right?), and if you're not too fussed about seeing some of the early scenes ahead of time, you'll definitely want to check out this video. The folks over at Outside Xtra have been busy streaming the first 90 minutes of the...

Wednesday6th Oct 2021

  • Round Up The Metroid Dread Reviews Are In

    Is it any good?

    Metroid Dread will finally be in our hands in just two days' time, and it looks set to be a pretty incredible return for the franchise. Reviews for the game have started flooding in today, including our very own, so we've gone ahead and rounded up a selection of quotes and review scores from a number of different outlets. Below,...

  • Review Metroid Dread - Quite Possibly The Best Metroid Game Ever Made

    And the E.M.M.I. goes to...

    After absolutely nailing its first shot at a Metroid adventure with 2017's Metroid II 3DS remake Samus Returns, Nintendo has given MercurySteam another bite at the cherry in which they've chosen to retain many of the unique gameplay elements of their last outing whilst adding a bunch of stealth. It's a risky manoeuvre,...

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