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Friday6th Aug 2021

  • News Fans Celebrate All Things Metroid As The Series Turns 35

    Happy anniversary, Metroid!

    35 years ago today, on 6th August 1986, the original Metroid launched for the Famicom in Japan. The game would eventually arrive on the NES in North America and Europe in 1987 and 1988 respectively, before blossoming into a series of titles adored by fans to this day. Metroid games don't always come around too often...

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  • Video The Complete Story Of The Metroid Series

    Get ready for the arrival of Metroid Dread

    As soon as Nintendo announced Metroid Dread - the fifth and final entry in the original Metroid story arc, we all had similar thoughts about revisiting the older entries in the series in some way or form. If you can't see yourself playing through these classic titles before the new one arrives this...

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  • Poll What's The Best Metroid Game?

    Prime cuts

    The reveal and upcoming release of 'Metroid 5', better known as Metroid Dread, has had many of us going back to either revisit games in the franchise or catch up on ones we missed first time round. We compiled our personal ranking of the best Metroid games long ago, but we thought it was time to update that list and let Nintendo Life...

Monday5th Jul 2021

  • News It Looks Like Metroid's 'Dark Samus' amiibo Is Getting A Reprint

    Coming this October

    It can be intensely frustrating when desirable amiibo figures go out of active circulation, but Nintendo has made efforts to solve this issue by putting certain characters back into production – and it seems that Metroid's Dark Samus is the next one to get a reprint. US retailer Best Buy has a listing for the figure with a...

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  • Poll Box Art Brawl: Duel #87 - Metroid: Zero Mission

    As seen on your Twitter feed

    Welcome back to Box Art Brawl, our series of retro box art polls to decide the best regional variants from two or more territories. Last time we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Rare's Battletoads on NES. Europe and North America teamed up with the same cover on that occasion (same as this week, in fact) and utterly...

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  • Guide Metroid Games You Need To Play Before Metroid Dread

    Here's how to catch up on Samus' story

    After 19 years away, the Metroid series is finally returning to its roots with a brand new entry into its mainline 2D series. Metroid Dread will be the fifth game in the beloved franchise's core lineup when it launches on Switch this October, and if our chat with the game's producer is anything to go by, that...

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