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  • Random One Metroid Fan Has Fixed Other M For All Time

    "Any objections, Lady?"

    Out of all of Samus Aran's amazing adventures, the Wii exclusive Metroid: Other M has to rank as the most divisive. Much of the fan displeasure stems from the characterisation of Samus as a petulant soldier who veers from showcasing strong-willed, petulant behaviour to being crippled by anxiety. Given that Samus had...

Wednesday4th Sep 2019

  • Random Fan Proves That Samus' Power Suit Isn't All That Practical

    But it still looks incredible

    Now then, we all know that Samus looks the absolute business - we won't hear any other arguments on the matter, thanks - but is that Power Suit of hers really the most suitable bit of kit for space exploration? We didn't expect to be delving into this pressing gaming dilemma today, but this video has left us with no...

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