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  • Rumour Another 2D Metroid Has Begun Development

    Yes, please

    E3 2017 was amazing for many reasons, one of which is that this was finally the year that Metroid made a comeback. After the bombshell announcement that Metroid Prime 4 is on its way to the Switch, it was also announced that Metroid: Samus Returns would be coming out in the fall. If recent rumblings are to be believed, then, it would...

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  • Guide Where To Find All The Upgrades In Metroid: Samus Returns

    Upgrade path

    Like any Metroid game before it, Metroid: Samus Returns is full of secrets, passages and loot for the famous bounty hunter to find. Your progression through the game is tied to finding these items as you'll invariably encounter doors, passageways and environmental hazard that necessitate the locating of these gadgets.  To...

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  • Review Metroid: Samus Returns (3DS)

    Welcome back

    You know, there’s a reason why they call it 'Metroidvania' and not 'Castletroid'. As much as the Castlevania series took the whole ‘interconnected 2D map’ ball and ran with it over the past decade while Metroid fans had to do without, it’s Nintendo’s series that first defined the rules and, when handled properly, did it best...

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  • Video Nintendo Minute Shows Off Extended Metroid: Samus Returns Gameplay

    And plugs the amiibo, naturally!

    For those eagerly awaiting Metroid: Samus Returns, today brought some lovely news with the announcement of the handsome Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS. There's also some footage of different areas, with Nintendo Minute pitching in. Along with Sam from the Treehouse they go through some neat areas and also show...

  • News Nintendo Unveils Gorgeous Samus Edition New Nintendo 3DS XL


    Update: This system is also coming to Europe, also on 15th September. Original Article: The 3DS 'family' of systems has had some terrific limited edition hardware, and we reckon this is another to add to the list. The 'Samus Edition' New Nintendo 3DS XL has been unveiled by Nintendo of America, and it'll arrive on 15th September alongside...

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  • News Here's What Those Lovely New amiibo Do In Metroid: Samus Returns

    Tap for a Metroid marker

    The official Japanse website for Metroid: Samus Returns has just popped up and what a beauty it is. Of course, not being Japanese ourselves, we have a hard time knowing what is being said here. Thankfully Japanese Nintendo are at hand with a translation which explains what the Metroid amiibo do within the game: Samus Aran...