Star Wars: Hunters - Upgrade your hunter
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In Star Wars: Hunters, you'll have to rely on your Hunter Abilities to shift the tide and beat your opponents. Fortunately, these abilities can be upgraded to give you the edge in battle.

There are two main ways to upgrade your Hunter Abilities and we're here to give you a helping hand on both of them. In this guide, we will run through the two different ways you can level up your Hunter and share some tips to make the process faster.

Star Wars: Hunters - How do I upgrade my Hunter?

Just play as that Hunter

Star Wars: Hunters - Ability Upgrades
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The easiest way to upgrade your Hunter's abilities is just by playing as that Hunter.

Every time you complete a battle in Star Wars: Hunters, you earn Hunter Fame for that hero. The better you perform, the more Fame you earn. Accumulating enough Fame will level up the selected character, granting either a cosmetic or ability upgrade.

You cannot choose which ability gets upgraded when levelling up, but you can see the order in which they will improve by navigating to the 'Hunter Fame' tab on your chosen Hunter.

Ability and cosmetic rewards tend to alternate, so you may need to move your Hunter up two levels to see any ability improvements.

Earn and Use 'Fame Grants'

Star Wars: Hunters - Fame Grant
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The other way to upgrade your Hunter Abilities is by using Fame Grants.

Fame Grants are given as rewards for completing certain Quests and Events. Unlike normal Fame, these grants can be applied to whichever Hunter you choose. This means that you can spend them on your most-used hero and keep the upgrades rolling in, or apply them to your reserve choice to get them to a suitable level should they be called upon.

Fame Grants do not grant as much Fame as you earn in battle, but they can be a good option to help push you over the line. You can use a Fame Grant when you receive it or choose to add it later.

To equip a Fame Grant later, head to the 'Hunters' page on the Home menu, press 'X' to access Fame Grants, and then choose the hero you would like to apply the grant to. Note: only Fame Grants that were not used when received will appear in this tab.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest Hunter level?

The highest level Hunter level you can reach is Level 30. You cannot upgrade your Hunter Abilities any further at this level.

Star Wars: Hunters - Hunter Level
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Which Hunter should I level up first?

That's up to you. We'd recommend trying out every available Hunter at first to find a play style that suits you. From there, you can pick a favourite and start upgrading them through battle.

We'd recommend reserving your Fame Grants for your bench options. You will likely upgrade your most-used Hunter naturally through play, so it's an idea to keep topping up your other options with Fame Grants so they are ready for when you need them.

Check out our picks for the best Hunters if you're looking for advice there.

How many Hunters are there?

At launch, there are 12 different Hunters (13 if you have the Arena Pass). Our character guide contains a complete list of all available Hunters.

We hope these tips helped you on the path to becoming a Jedi Master. Check out our other Star Wars: Hunters guides for more hints and tips.