Star Wars: Hunters - Aran Tal
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After a few matches in Star Wars: Hunters, you might have seen players select a mysterious Mandalorian from the character roster. This Hunter does not appear on the standard Hunter's Path, so how do you unlock the Mandalorian? Well, not the Mandalorian, but that Mandalorian.

We'll tell you how. In this guide, we will run through how to unlock the Hunter Mandalorian, Aran Tal, and answer some questions that you may have about this mysterious bounty hunter.

Want to know how? This is the way:

Star Wars: Hunters - How To Unlock The Mandalorian, Aran Tal

At the time of writing, the only way to unlock Aran Tal is by purchasing the Arena Pass.

Aran Tal is the first exclusive reward for Arena Pass holders during the Hunters Of The Outer Rim season and is unlocked immediately upon purchase.

Star Wars: Hunters - Aran Tal
Image: Nintendo Life

To buy the Arena Pass, either select the 'Arena Pass' news story on the Star Wars: Hunters home page or navigate to the 'Shop' tab and select the relevant Arena Pass option.

Both the 'All Access Arena Pass' and the 'VIP Arena Pass' include the Mandalorian Hunter Aran Tal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Star Wars: Hunters Arena Pass?

The All Access Arena Pass costs £9.99 and the VIP Arena Pass costs £19.99 (or your regional equivalent).

Both passes unlock Mandalorian Aran Tal, offer cosmetic and crystal rewards, and allow access to bonus challenges.

The 'VIP' option unlocks the first 14 tiers as standard, giving you more rewards right from the start.

Can I play as the Mandalorian Aran Tal for free?

You must own the Arena Pass to play as Aran Tal in battles, unfortunately.

However, those without the Arena Pass can trial the Mandalorian in 'Training' mode against droids. To take the Hunter for a spin, simply select 'Training' from the 'Play' menu and choose Aran Tal.

Will Aran Tal always be paid?

Star Wars: Hunters - Aran Tal
Image: Nintendo Life

That is unclear at the moment. There is a chance that Tal will become freely available with the start of the next Star Wars: Hunters season (presumably replaced by another new paid Hunter), though that is not guaranteed. We'll update this guide if Aran Tal becomes free-to-play, so watch this space.

Can I still use Aran Tal after my Arena Pass expires?

Yes. Those who unlock Aran Tal with the Arena Pass will have the Mandalorian permanently added to their Hunter roster.

Who is Aran Tal?

Aran Tal is the last standing member of the Mandalorian Tal clan. He wears his ancestral armour as a mark of pride and is a popular contender amongst the Vespaara crowds.

In the Arena, Tal wields Dual Blaster Pistols and has three abilities for manoeuvrability, a flame attack, and a crowd-clearing ground pound. His Ultimate Ability, Fury of Clan Tal, sends him into the air on his jetpack as he blasts out flames in front.

Here's his description from the official website:

Everyone loves a heroic champion, and Aran Tal does not disappoint. As the last scion of Mandalorian Clan Tal, wearing its his ancestral armor, he bears the weight of his familial responsibility with dogged determination. The roar from the crowd is explosive when this warrior of justice jetpacks into the Arena, blasters a-blazing and fountains of flame scorching the air.

A man of virtue and honor, Aran Tal places himself at odds with Imara Vex, whose profession of bounty hunting he feels lacks integrity.

Is Aran Tal the Mandalorian?

If you mean that star of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian, no, this is not Din Djarin (or Bo-Katan Kryze, depending on which season you're referring to).

To the best of our knowledge, Aran Tal has never met Grogu or had any run-ins with Moff Gideon. Then again, it's a big old galaxy that's constantly expanding, so we can't rule anything out.

Will the Mandalorian ever come to Star Wars: Hunters?

At the time of writing, we don't know if Din Djarin himself will be a playable character in Star Wars: Hunters.

However, blaster to our heads, we can't imagine a world where Zynga doesn't start adding famous 'hero' hunters to the roster in some form, most probably as multimedia tie-ins when new shows and seasons launch. There's a Mandalorian and Grogu film in the works, after all, so it feels like the biggest no-brainer ever to have the pair of them drop in on Vespaara as Ultra Premium DLC around the movie's launch, hmm?

Again, this is just speculation on our part. But there's money to be made from having fan-favourite characters in the game sooner or later.

That's everything that you need to know about the Star Wars: Hunters Mandalorian, Aran Tal. Check out our other Star Wars: Hunters guides for more hints and tips.