Star Wars: Hunters - Cross-Save
Image: Nintendo Life

Star Wars: Hunters launched on 4th June for Nintendo Switch and mobile and those who want to play on both devices might be wondering if it's possible to enable cross-progression between the two.

Well, rejoice! Star Wars: Hunters does have cross-progression and linking your devices is a relatively straightforward process — once you know where to look.

In this guide, we'll show you how to link your Star Wars: Hunters account on Switch and mobile.

The method of linking your Star Wars: Hunters account varies based on whether you started your Switch progress using the Nintendo Account login or the Apple/Google/email login.

We will run through them both here.

If you started your Star Wars: Hunters account on one platform with Apple, Google or your email, linking your progress to another device is simple.

When you first download Star Wars: Hunters, you will see a login prompt that lets you sign in using Apple, Google or email. Simply select the account icon you used on Switch and follow the instructions to link your accounts (linking an email account will require you to verify the details with a six-digit code sent via email).

Star Wars: Hunters - Mobile Log In
Image: Nintendo Life

If you have already signed in on your second platform using another account, you can still link your progress. Select Settings from the top right corner of the Hunters home menu (easily accessed by pressing '+' on Switch) and navigate to the 'Account' tab. Select 'Link/Update Account' and enter the details of the account you want to carry over.

If you started your Switch progress using a Nintendo account and want to carry it over to mobile, there is one extra step that you have to do first (but don't worry, it's still simple enough).

Since logging in with a Nintendo account is not an option on mobile, you will first have to connect an Apple/Google account or an email address to your Switch.

To do this, press '+' on the Star Wars: Hunters main menu and select Settings. Go to the 'Account' tab on the far right and select 'Link your Account'. Choose an Apple, Google or email login and follow the steps to add it to your Switch progress.

Star Wars: Hunters - Link Account
Image: Nintendo Life

Then, use the Apple/Google/email information that you just entered on mobile to access your Switch progression on another device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an account to play Star Wars: Hunters?

No, you do not need to make an account to play Star Wars: Hunters.

If you choose not to enter an email address or link a Google/Apple account to your game, you can still play as a Guest. Players with a Guest Account cannot access their profile or have cross-progression on multiple devices.

Does Star Wars: Hunters have cross-play?

Yes, Star Wars: Hunters does use cross-play so you can play against players on Switch and mobile.

Does my Star Wars: Hunters Arena Pass work on Switch and mobile?

As long as your account is linked between devices, you only need one Arena Pass per Star Wars: Hunters account. All progression is shared between the linked devices including Hunter unlocks, account level and Arena Pass rewards.

Your accounts should now be as linked as a Force dyad. Check out our other Star Wars: Hunters guides for more tips and hints.