The Expansion Passes for Pokémon Sword and Shield bring DLC content and new features to Game Freak's latest entry in the mainline Pokémon series. The two parts of the Expansion Pass feature a brand-new area each - The Isle of Armor and The Crown Tundra - and both will bring with them new items, features and most importantly new (and old!) Pokémon, too.

Below we've collected all the information concerning the new features coming in the Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra Expansion Passes, as well as general information about release dates, prices and the previous-generation Pokémon returning. Read on to find the answers you're after:

What are the new areas from the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass?

Here's Nintendo's official blurb for each of the two new areas found in the Galar region. First, The Isle of Armor:


In The Isle of Armor expansion, you’ll head to The Isle of Armor, the stage of your new adventure in the Galar region. The Isle of Armor is a giant island full of environments not seen in Galar before—you'll find wave-swept beaches, forests, bogs, caves, and sand dunes!,There are also plenty of Pokémon that make this island their home, living freely amid the lush natural surroundings.,There’s even a dojo here that specializes in some very particular training styles! You and your Pokémon will take up an apprenticeship under the master of this dojo and train hard to become even stronger.

And second, The Crown Tundra:


The Crown Tundra expansion is set in the snow-swept realm of The Crown Tundra. See for yourself the beautiful scenery of this shining, silvery landscape! In this frigid area, with its jagged winter mountains, people live in small communities where they support and rely on one another.,A certain person will appoint you as the leader of their exploration team in The Crown Tundra. You’ll then be tasked with investigating the reaches of this frozen land. And remember the Pokémon Dens that you’ve only been able to glimpse during Max Raid Battles? Well, now you’ll be able to explore their full depths!

Are there any brand-spanking new Pokémon in the Sword & Shield Expansions?

Why, yes there are - a whole bunch of them. First, meet Kubfu and its two possible forms of its evolution Urshifu:


Pokemon Kubfu 2x

  • Category: Wushu Pokémon
  • Type: Fighting
  • Height: 2'
  • Weight: 26.5 lbs.
  • Ability: Inner Focus

Kubfu will appear in The Isle of Armor. This Pokémon is hardworking and strives to train both its body and mind. It uses each defeat as motivation, training itself with even more vigor after a loss in order to grow stronger. It has an organ that produces “fighting energy” in its lower abdomen, and before heading into battle, Kubfu will increase this energy through unique breathing techniques and intense focus. Wild Kubfu live in mountainous areas far away from the Galar region, but it was once a species that called Galar its home. It’s noted in historical texts that this species used to head to uncharted lands with people as they set out to trade or explore. Records suggest that the Kubfu living in faraway mountains today may have descended from Kubfu that became naturalized to the distant lands they visited in their journeys.


(Single Strike Style)

  • Category: Wushu Pokémon
  • Type: Fighting/Dark
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 231.5 lbs.
  • Ability: Unseen Fist

(Rapid Strike Style)

  • Category: Wushu Pokémon
  • Type: Fighting/Water
  • Height: 6'3"
  • Weight: 231.5 lbs.
  • Ability: Unseen Fist

Kubfu will evolve into Urshifu after it has undergone sufficient training. It seems that Urshifu has two forms—a Single Strike Style and a Rapid Strike Style—and it appears that each form has different types as well. Urshifu in Single Strike Style form favor battling without holding anything back. When enraged, they will mercilessly attack an opponent until it is utterly defeated. A Single Strike Style Urshifu’s movements are often direct and involve rushing forward in a straight line. It will keep its distance from its opponents at first only to leap in close instantly to deliver a powerful blow. Urshifu in Rapid Strike Style form maintain a calm demeanor, observing their opponents and measuring their strength while dodging attacks. A Rapid Strike Style Urshifu will use flowing movements in battle to smoothly parry an opponent’s moves and then overwhelm the opponent with a flurry of rapid strikes.

Also say hello to Calyrex:


Pokemon Calyrex 2x
  • Category: King Pokémon
  • Type: Psychic/Grass
  • Height: 3'7"
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
  • Ability: Unnerve

Trainers will encounter Calyrex in The Crown Tundra. This Pokémon ruled all of Galar in ancient times. Though it appears delicate and slight, its every move is filled with grace and dignity. It also has extremely high intelligence, and it’s said to see every past, present, and future event.

and more...

The Pokémon Company has also revealed two new Legendary Pokémon--Regielki and Regidrago--which bring with them new abilities, plus new Mythical Pokémon Zarude.

In addition to these, Gigantamax versions of the three fully evolved starters from Pokémon Sword and Shield (Rillaboom, Cinderace and Inteleon) will feature (we got a look at these in the March 2020 Nintendo Direct Mini), as well as regional forms of familiar Pokémon such as Galarian Slowpoke which you can catch right now by heading to Wedgehurst Station after downloading the 9th January 2020 update.

The above trailer also gave us a look at new Trainer outfits based on the game's cast of NPCs, new League Card designs, and a closer look at Kubfu, who serves as your partner on the Isle of Armor.

Are there any new returning Pokémon from previous generations?

Yes! The Pokémon Direct confirmed that over 200 'old' Pocket Monsters will be returning in the two new regions. There's no complete list of the returners for both expansions just yet (see below for the complete list of new and returning Pokémon in the Isle of Armor expansion), although you may have glimpsed some in the Pokémon Direct presentation.

Isle of Armor DLC Returning Pokémon - Complete List

Thanks to some datamining from @SciresM on Twitter, the full list of 140 new and returning Pokémon in the Isle of Armor expansion has been revealed. Click on the header to order them by National Pokédex number (default) or alphabetically:

National Pokédex Number Returning Pokémon - Isle of Armor Expansion
001 Bulbasaur
002 Ivysaur
003 Venusaur
007 Squirtle
008 Wartortle
009 Blastoise
027 Sandshrew
028 Sandslash
039 Jigglypuff
040 Wigglytuff
054 Psyduck
055 Golduck
060 Poliwag
061 Poliwhirl
062 Poliwrath
063 Abra
064 Kadabra
065 Alakazam
072 Tentacool
073 Tentacruel
079 Slowpoke
080 Slowbro
081 Magnemite
082 Magneton
102 Exeggcute
103 Exeggutor
104 Cubone
105 Marowak
108 Lickitung
113 Chansey
114 Tangela
115 Kangaskhan
116 Horsea
117 Seadra
120 Staryu
121 Starmie
123 Scyther
127 Pinsir
128 Tauros
137 Porygon
150 Mewtwo
151 Mew
174 Igglybuff
183 Marill
184 Azumarill
186 Politoed
199 Slowking
206 Dunsparce
212 Scizor
214 Heracross
227 Skarmory
230 Kingdra
233 Porygon2
241 Miltank
242 Blissey
251 Celebi
293 Whismur
294 Loudred
295 Exploud
298 Azurill
318 Carvanha
319 Sharpedo
385 Jirachi
403 Shinx
404 Luxio
405 Luxray
427 Buneary
428 Lopunny
440 Happiny
462 Magnezone
463 Lickilicky
465 Tangrowth
474 Porygon-Z
506 Lillipup
507 Herdier
508 Stoutland
543 Venipede
544 Whirlipede
545 Scolipede
548 Petilil
549 Lilligant
551 Sandile
552 Krokorok
553 Krookodile
570 Zorua
571 Zoroark
587 Emolga
590 Foongus
591 Amoonguss
619 Mienfoo
620 Mienshao
621 Druddigon
626 Bouffalant
636 Larvesta
637 Volcarona
638 Cobalion
639 Terrakion
640 Virizion
643 Reshiram
644 Zekrom
646 Kyurem
647 Keldeo
661 Fletchling
662 Fletchinder
663 Talonflame
690 Skrelp (Pokémon Shield Isle of Armor Exclusive)
691 Dragalge (Pokémon Shield Isle of Armor Exclusive)
692 Clauncher (Pokémon Sword Isle of Armor Exclusive)
693 Clawitzer (Pokémon Sword Isle of Armor Exclusive)
702 Dedenne
707 Klefki
722 Rowlet
723 Dartrix
724 Decidueye
725 Litten
726 Torracat
727 Incineroar
728 Popplio
729 Brionne
730 Primarina
744 Rockruff
745 Lycanroc
753 Fomantis
754 Lurantis
764 Comfey
769 Sandygast
770 Palossand
789 Cosmog
790 Cosmoem
791 Solgaleo
792 Lunala
800 Necrozma
801 Magearna
802 Marshadow
807 Zeraora
808 Meltan
809 Melmetal
891 Kubfu (New)
892 Urshifu (New)
893 Zarude (New)

Crown Tundra DLC Returning Pokémon - Complete List (TBA)

It has been confirmed that all Legendary Pokémon from past games are returning in the Crown Tundra DLC, and some are exclusive to a specific version of the game. We'll update this article with a full list when the information is available.

Are there any version-exclusive Pokémon or characters in the Expansions?

Yes. Nintendo has stated on Twitter that each version of the Expansion Pass will feature version-exclusive Pokémon and characters.

Currently, returning Pokémon Clauncher and Clawitzer are Pokémon Sword Isle of Armor exclusives, and Skrelp and Dragalge are Pokémon Shield Isle of Armor exclusives (thanks to Serebii). We'll update this with more information as it comes to light concerning Crown Tundra exclusives.

The rival Trainer you'll face depends on the version of the game you have. Pokémon Sword players will face Klara, a Poison-type specialist training at the dojo of Pokémon Master Mustard. Pokémon Shield players will come up against Avery a Psychic-type user also under Mustard's tutelage.


What new features are included in the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Passes?

Each expansion will bring different new Pokémon, areas, features, items and moves that weren't previously available in Pokémon Sword and Shield. The information below comes from the official Pokémon Sword and Shield website:

Additional Features The Isle of Armor The Crown Tundra
New areas Yes Yes
Kubfu and Urshifu Yes
Calyrex Yes
Gigantamax forms for Rillaboom, Cinderace, and Inteleon Yes
New regional forms Yes Yes
Pokémon that didn’t appear in Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield Yes Yes
New Pokédexes Yes Yes
New clothing items Yes Yes
New Pokémon added to Max Raid Battles Yes Yes
New items Yes
New tutor moves Yes
Restricted Sparring battle feature Yes
New co-op play mode Yes

Here's a brief overview of the features:

  • The new expansions will feature over 100 new items of clothing between them.
  • In The Isle of Armor, you'll be able to find an Exp. Charm which is used to level up Pokémon.
  • Brand new tutor moves will feature in The Isle of Armor expansion
  • Restricted Sparring will enable Trainers Battles with Pokémon Type limitations and set Battle conditions.
  • Explorable Pokémon Dens in The Crown Tundra will be home to Legendary Pokémon from previous Pokémon games.
  • Players' Galar Pokédexes will be updated to reflect the new additions - both the Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra will also have their own Pokédexes.
  • Both the Isle of Armor and the Crown Tundra will feature Pokémon Dens just like in the Wild Area in the main game, although they'll feature Pokémon you won't find in the Wild Area. Max Raid Battles will be available in the ones emitting a shard of red light enabling a team of up to three players to battle a Dynamax Pokémon.

Do I need to buy the Expansion Pass to access the Max Raid Battles in the new areas?

No. Friends who don't have the Expansion Pass will still be able to join in these battles.

Do I need to buy the Expansion Pass to access the 200+ returning Pokémon from past generations?

No, not necessarily. Following a free update that will launch alongside the Expansion Passes, players of vanilla Pokémon Sword or Shield will be able to trade those Pokémon with players who have purchased the expansion and caught them all. Therefore, it will be entirely possible to get your hands on those new Pokémon via trading.

Players without the expansion will also be able to bring Pokémon over from past games using Pokémon Home, the service which launched in February 2020 (as long as those Pokémon feature in Pokémon Sword and Shield or its expansions).

Do I need to have finished the main game to access the Expansion Pass content?

No, you can access the new content as soon as you reach the game's Wild Area.

Initial reports that the Expansion Pass features 'level scaling' that matches its difficulty to the Pokémon in your party were slightly inaccurate - it appears that the content scales to the Gym Badges you've earned rather than the level of your Pokémon party.

Will there be an 'Ultra' version of Pokémon Sword and Shield?

From the way the designers discussed the Expansion Passes in the announcement, these expansions will take the place of the more traditional updated 'third' versions we've seen in previous generations.

When is the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass launching?

Part 1 of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass - The Isle of Armor - released on 17th June 2020.

Part 2 - The Crown Tundra - is sceduled for release on 22nd October 2020 or (23rd October in Europe).

How much does the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass cost?

Parts 1 and 2 of the Expansion Pass are purchased together for £26.99 / $29.99.

Keep in mind that you'll need to purchase the corresponding pass according to which copy of the game you own. If you own both games and want to access the new areas in both, that means buying both the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and the Pokémon Shield Expansion pass.

The safest way to ensure you get the correct one is to buy it through the in-game menus while playing your copy, but be careful to purchase the correct Expansion if you're getting it through the eShop directly - Nintendo doesn't appear to be issuing refunds if you buy the wrong one.

Those who pre-purchased before the Pass arrived received an early purchase bonus of a Pikachu uniform and an Eevee uniform (see below). If you bought the Expansion Pass before 31st August you could receive Leon's outfit as a bonus.

The Nintendo UK Official Store has a deal on the Expansion Pass which includes a 50% discount on starter Pokémon soft toys or a starter mug if you purchase them at the same time.

Early Purchase Bonus Uniforms

Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Trailers

The Pokémon Direct Presentation 9th January 2020

Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass Announcement Trailer

The Isle of Armor Release Date Announcement Trailer

The Crown Tundra Release Date Announcement Trailer

We'll update this guide with more information as we get it.

[source swordshield.pokemon.com]