Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

Yes, as we all know by now, Kraid makes a return in this latest adventure and as the second boss you'll encounter in Metroid Dread he's actually a bit of a big softie. Let's take a look at how to defeat him all over again.

Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Battle Strategy

Kraid: Phase One

During the first phase of this fight we're going to concentrate our missile firepower on Kraid's mouth, battering all around the area to deal damage. Whilst doing so we need to avoid some flaming balls whilst shooting other rocks and debris he flings out in order to restock our ammo. Eventually, when his face has taken enough damage, he'll get very angry, break free from his shackles and move on to the next stage of the fight.

Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Battle 1
Image: Nintendo Life

Kraid: Phase Two

We're now face to face with Kraid's swollen, pus-filled belly button region. Yuck! Fire regular lasers at this big pink area to do damage here and watch out for him throwing pink goo, which can easily be avoided with a wall jump off the arena side. Keep shooting all the balls he flings out at this point to restock ammo.

More dangerously, Kraid will also fire out great big jagged bone spikes, you can only dodge these by duking down low or going into your Morph Ball form. Once you've damaged his belly enough he'll fire out three of these bone spikes, duck out of the way and they'll hit the wall behind you, shaking free a magnet pad you can jump onto in order to ride up and get face to face with Kraid once again.

Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Battle 2
Image: Nintendo Life

Once up here, pummel his mouth with missiles whilst shooting down any claws he throws at you. If you successfully destroy a few of the objects he hurls your way up here he will go in for a huge swipe attack which can be parried.

You'll drop down to the floor again and resume damaging his stomach and repeating the entire process. Once you've done this a few times, Kraid will have taken enough and a cutscene will take place where he tries and fails to kill you one more time before being swallowed up by lava.

Climb up and out of the arena via the magnet pads behind you and you'll roll into a statue room where you'll be gifted with the Diffusion Beam!

Congratulations, we're two bosses down.

Kraid: Secret Method

Now this is a bit of fun. As spotted by our pals over at Eurogamer, Metroid Dread players have now discovered a pretty cool new way to dispatch of Kraid during his second phase. Metroid has always been known for its sequence-breaking but this method is more of an intentional nod by MercurySteam to some of the insane feats performed by players in the past.

In order to pull off this alternate method of killing Kraid, you're going to need to grab the Varia Suit then go exploring in order to obtain the Grapple Beam and Morph Ball Bomb early. Once you've done this - and detailed instructions can be found in the linked video below - you can head to Kraid's lair, blow up a wall to reveal a Morph Ball launcher, and shoot yourself, quite literally, into the belly of the beast in order to kill from the inside out.

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