Metroid Dread Escue Boss Battle
Image: Nintendo Life

Our next Metroid Dread boss, Escue, is found on Ferenia. It's a fast-moving electrical bug that can cause you problems with its speed initially but, once you get how to dodge its three attack varieties down, it should cause you very few problems.

Metroid Dread Escue Boss Battle Strategy

Escue: Phase One

The first phase of this fight is pretty much the whole deal as once you hit the second it's kinda impossible to lose. Escue has just three attacks, the first is a slow-moving orb of energy that's easy to dodge which will either hit a wall and dissipate or hit the ground and give off a pulse that covers the entire arena floor which you'll need to jump over.

The second is a fast flurry of energy bullets which are easily its trickiest attack to avoid, you need to combine plenty of jumps and lots and lots of dashes, basically don't stop moving until the bullets are gone. The third attack is an air to ground charge which, once you can read it's coming, is no big deal.

Metroid Dread Escue Boss Battle 1
Image: Nintendo Life

The way to go about attacking here is to thump Escue mercilessly with your Ice Missiles at every opportunity, but don't get greedy, get your shots in and make sure to avoid each attack type by giving yourself lots of space and moving constantly. This boss doesn't take a great amount of damage to kill so the most important thing here is to control the floor, get some hits in, recognise the attack that's coming up and dodge it effectively. After a bit of a pounding Escue will stop and morph into his second form.

Escue: Phase Two

Escue has turned into a great big golden orb and is floating around the room leaking X Parasites. All you need to do now is combine jump and dash to hurdle over him and keep pummelling him with missiles as you gather up the energy from the X Parasites.

Metroid Dread Escue Boss Battle 2
Image: Nintendo Life

This part of the battle is very short-lived and easy to complete. Once you're done you'll unlock the Storm Missile. Congratulations!

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