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Defiant Development
Defiant Development


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User Ratings: 28

Our Review: 9/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Action, Adventure, Board Game, RPG
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Switch eShop

  • 17th Jul 2018, $29.99
  • 17th Jul 2018, £22.60
Hand of Fate
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Xbox One, PS4

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Hand of Fate 2 Screenshot
Hand of Fate 2 Screenshot
Hand of Fate 2 Screenshot
Hand of Fate 2 Screenshot
Hand of Fate 2 Screenshot


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    All hands on deck

    We’ve seen plenty of genres successfully spliced together during Nintendo Switch’s lifetime - including the exploration and fisticuffs of Pato Box and the RPG/base-building magic of Dragon Quest Builders - but nothing quite like Defiant Development’s long-awaited sequel. Fusing the basic premise of a deck-building card game...

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    The term ‘hidden gem’ gets bandied around a lot, and often erroneously; an occasionally overlooked entry in a long-running, celebrated franchise isn't a hidden gem. Of course, sometimes the game in question truly went unnoticed and unloved by the masses and is worth digging up, but more often than...

About The Game

Draw your cards, play your hand and discover your fate!

Hand of Fate 2 is a dungeon crawler set in a world of dark fantasy. Master a living boardgame where every stage of the adventure is drawn from a deck of legendary encounters chosen by you! Choose wisely - your opponent, the enigmatic Dealer, will pull no punches as he shapes you into the instrument of his revenge.

The table has changed, but the stakes remain the same: life or death!