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Figuring out how to upgrade tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley is an important part of cleaning up the Valley and clearing room for more decorations, though the game isn’t too keen on telling you how to upgrade any of them.

Tool upgrades happen during friendship quests. Some of them are locked behind the final quest in a friendship line, though, so it may take some time to get them all.

How to Upgrade Tools in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Watering can upgrade

Complete Merlin’s friendship quests to start upgrading your watering can. A fully upgraded can will remove the large mushrooms growing throughout the valley, including the ones near the Glade of Trust during Merlin's quest A New Enchantment.

A second watering can upgrade unlocks during Merlin's final quest and lets you destroy even bigger mushrooms.

Image: Nintendo Life / Josh Broadwell

These quests are comparatively straightforward and mostly involve gathering and crafting items, so it shouldn’t take too long.

Pickaxe upgrade

The pickaxe has a couple of upgrades, and you can start working towards them early. The first upgrade comes from completing Moana’s realm and getting Maui’s help. You can access Moana’s realm as soon as you enter the Dream Castle by exchanging 3,000 Dreamlight, though we do recommend completing Remy’s realm first.

Either way, Maui’s first upgrade lets you destroy the coral chunks dotted around the beaches. The second upgrade, which lets you destroy large coral chunks, happens during Maui’s friendship quest A Tale of Stone and Fire.

You also have to make him a five-star meal for this quest. Ratatouille is an easy one to create, so give that a try.

Image: Nintendo Life / Josh Broadwell

A bit later in the game is the last set of upgrades. These let you break ice crystals, which you find all over the Forest of Valor’s icy regions. The third and fourth upgrades happen during Elsa’s quests, so you need to visit her realm and invite her to the valley.

Unlike other realms, Elsa’s realm is available as soon as you enter the Dream Castle, so you won’t have to wait long to start.

Shovel upgrade

The Shovel upgrade also unlocks after you complete the Frozen-themed realm. Anna moves to the Valley along with Elsa, and after you complete her first few friendship requests, she upgrades the shovel for you. The upgraded shovel lets you dig up tree stumps, and so far, it seems the shovel only has the one upgrade.

We haven’t encountered a fishing rod upgrade yet, and there’s nothing extra you can do with the camera.

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