Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Are you following Scar's Nature & Nurture quest, but need help with one or more of the steps? Come on in, and we'll show you how to be prepared for all of the steps and preps that this quest requires!

Nature & Nurture Quest Walkthrough

Investigate the Giant Skull

You'll find a new friend inside. Talk to him to begin the quest.

Enter the Vitalys Mines

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

The Vitalys Mines are just next to the mouth of the river, so just follow the river up to the cliff and you should find a small mine entrance next to the waterfall.

Make sure to take food with you — lemons, cocoa pods, or cooked meals are all good choices — because you'll be doing a lot of digging. We also recommend taking a character with the mining specialty to increase the number of ores, rocks, and crystals you get — and if you haven't already chosen a mining character, we strongly suggest choosing Remy, because the mines have very narrow paths and most characters get stuck or will block your way. Remy is tiny, so he won't cause as many problems.

These mines are a winding maze, but just keep your right hand on the wall as you go around (just like a real maze!) and you'll end up almost back at the start, but the other side.

Explore the Mines to find the source of the blockage

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Right at the end of the path is a small ramp up to a barrel and a sign. The sign will tell you that you need to make Crackling Candies and Extra Fizzy Root Beer.

Search the Mining Camp in the Vitalys Mines

Go back down the ramp to find a chest and a cooking area. Open the green chest to receive the Candies and the Root Beer ingredients.

You can then destroy a large rock near the entrance to create a bridge, which will allow you to exit the mines quickly.

Talk to Merlin

To find Merlin, go to your map and select his face, and you'll get a handy sparkly pink and purple trail that will lead you right to him.

He'll tell you that the Candies and the Root Beer were used to make explosives.

Prepare the Extra Fizzy Root Beer

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Use the Dried Ginger that you found to make Extra Fizzy Root Beer.

The other two ingredients are Vanilla and Sugarcane.

  • Vanilla - grows wild in Sunlit Plateau
  • Sugarcane - buy from Goofy's Stall in Dazzle Beach (third upgrade)

Note: You won't be able to fish in the Sunlit Plateau beyond this point until the quest is finished!

Add the Root Beer and Candies to the barrel

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

You'll make a mess, but that's what you were supposed to do.

Return to the Sunlit Plateau

Oh no! You appear to have summoned something dark...

Follow the Forgotten through the Dark Portal

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

You can do this whenever you like, so make sure that you have some space in your inventory before you head in.

The Forgotten will drop an Orb as they escape from you.

Pick up the Orb of Nurturing

Take care of the rocks in the way with your pickaxe, and pick up the Orb that the Forgotten dropped.

Talk to Merlin

Take the Orb to Merlin to receive your next instructions and to talk about the Forgotten that you saw. Ask him some questions and you'll be able to continue the quest.

Craft the Miracle Growth Elixir

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

You'll need:

  • 1,000 Dreamlight
  • 10 Vitalys Crystals
  • 10 Rich Soil

If you're having trouble finding the Rich Soil, we have a guide right here:

If you need more Vitalys Crystals, you can find them in the Vitalys Mines by breaking those glowy blue-and-grey rocks. Make sure to head back into the mines with a character who has the mining specialty, as this can almost double the number of crystals you find in one go.

If you need more Dreamlight, try completing some of the daily Dreamlight tasks, which can net you a fair bit of Dreamlight in no time.

When the Elixir is ready, just "Use" it from your backpack to add it to your watering can automatically.

Talk to Merlin again

He'll tell you that the Orb needs to be planted right in front of the Pillar in the Sunlit Plateau. It's at the back, near the river.

Plant the Orb

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Dig a hole in front of the pillar and plant the Orb like a normal seed.

Tend to the Orb

You can just water the Orb now, although the quest will warn you that this might take several days. So don't water it yet...

Cheat to make the Orb grow faster

Scar Nature & Nurture quest
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

...Remember that Growth Elixir we made earlier? Now you have the recipe! In fact, you also have the recipe for an even more expensive version, called the "Even More Miraculous Growth Elixir", too! Here's what they do, and the difference between the two:

  • The Miraculous Elixir gives you 10 charges of fast growth water
  • The Even More Miraculous Elixir gives you 25 charges of fast growth water

You can, of course, save this elixir for your own garden, as you can water up to 8 plants in one go, making it much more useful for the exorbitant cost of one elixir.

Visit the Orb

When the Orb has finished growing, you can visit the Pillar to trigger a cutscene that restores the Pillar to life. You won't even need to dig it up, it'll figure it out itself!

Note: You can now fish in the Sunlit Plateau again! Yay!

Talk to Scar

Find Scar and talk to him to complete the quest.

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