Disney Dreamlight Valley: Anna's Quests - An Icy Invitation 1
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Anna has moved into town — nice! But she now wants her sister, Elsa, to move in as well. Some people are never happy. In order to get Elsa into Disney Dreamlight Valley, you'll need to finish Anna's "An Icy Invitation" quest — and we've got all the nicey icy details for you, right here.

Bonus: This quest will upgrade your shovel and let you remove stumps!

An Icy Invitation Quest Walkthrough

Talk to Anna

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Anna's Quests - An Icy Invitation 2
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Anna will lead you to a bridge that is blocked by tree stumps. She'll ask you for your help in finding a book that has information on what to do next.

Where to find Anna's Book

The book is in Anna's house — the icy, spiky thing at the back of the Forest of Valor — on a table next to her library. It's sparkly, so it's hard to miss.

Pick it up and bring it back to Anna to learn the recipe for a Shovel Blade.

What you need to upgrade your shovel

You'll need:

  • 10 Softwood
  • 4 Hardwood
  • 4 Iron Ingots (= 20 Iron Ore, 4 Coal Ore)
  • 3 Tinkering Parts (= 6 Iron Ore)

So, in total:

  • 10 Softwood
  • 4 Hardwood
  • 26 Iron Ore
  • 4 Coal Ore

You can make Iron Ingots and Tinkering Parts at a crafting station.

If you need help on getting Hardwood, check out our guide:

How to craft the upgraded Shovel Blade

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Anna's Quests - An Icy Invitation 3
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Once you've got all the bits and bobs you need, head to a crafting station to make the Shovel Blade. You'll find it in the "Potion & Enchantment" tab.

How to dig up stumps

Go to the Forest of Valor, equip your fancy new Shovel Blade, and aim at the stumps — when they turn light, it means you can dig them up.

Unlike other upgraded tools, the shovel can dig up both small and large stumps from the start, and you won't need to upgrade it a second time (for now, at least).

Remove the stumps on the bridge, and Anna will be ready to talk again.

Talk to Anna

Let her know you're done with the stumps, and she'll run over to the Ice Cavern. She'll ask you to take a photo of it to accompany a letter for Elsa.

How to take a photo of the Ice Cavern

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Anna's Quests - An Icy Invitation 1
Image: Kate Gray / Nintendo Life

Equip your camera and press the interact button to take a picture of the Ice Cavern.

Where to find Elsa

Elsa is still in the Frozen realm, but she's not deep in the woods any more. Talk to her, give her the letter and the photo, and she'll finally agree to come to Dreamlight Valley. Yay!

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