Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to raise friendship fast
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Figuring out how to raise friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley is essential if you want to keep progressing quickly. Unlocking new areas to explore outside the meadow requires you to reach at least rank five in your relationship with three villagers.

Even aside from uncovering new places to explore, raising your friendship level with Mickey and the gang helps open new character quests, so you can get to know the folks of Dreamlight Valley even better – and learn some handy recipes in the process.

How to raise friendship fast in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Give the best presents each day

You may have noticed the green banner that says “new!” on the present icon when you chat with your neighbors each day. Dreamlight Valley doesn’t actually tell you what it means, but it’s a reminder that the character’s preferred gifts have changed with the new day.

Every character has three gifts that they would like to receive each day, displayed in the lower right corner of the screen when you’re selecting a present to give.

Giving them grants you a significant friendship bonus, usually enough to fill the friendship meter by at least half.

It seems like at least one of the three is always something basic that you can obtain even in the early game, such as Crackers or Oregano. The other two are — in our experience so far — rarer items or materials tied to a specific domain, such as oysters, so don’t expect to get your hands on those for a while.

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You only get the bonus the first time you give the preferred gift on a given day. If you give it again, the game just treats it like a normal present.

Spend time with each other

Ask your chosen friend to hang out with you for a while. Completing any task while you’re hanging out with a character gives you a slight boost in friendship, so it’s an easy way to help rank up while you’re doing your dailies.

For a bigger bonus, make sure to focus on doing the activity your chosen friend specializes in – mining, fishing, or whatever you chose. It’s nowhere near as substantial as gifting their favorite items that day, but it’s a decent supplement to help boost those ranks.

Complete character quests

This is probably something you’ll naturally do anyway, but it bears mentioning. Whenever there’s a character quest to do, make sure you do it. Aside from unlocking new recipes, finishing these quests grants you a hefty friendship bonus.

Raising friendship levels in Disney Dreamlight Valley is just one of the ways you’ll spend your time.

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