If you've been playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons for some time now you're probably set up with at least a few villagers (or should that be islanders?) and have a fairly cosy existence, but for a game that allows you to customise so much of your life, you might be feeling a bit miffed at some of the so-called residents that the game has decided you should have for one reason or another.

If that previous paragraph just about sums you up down to your trousers, we've got just the solution for you, because yes you can choose what islanders wander about your landscape using the series' range of amiibo Cards.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - How To Choose Your Villagers Guide

Using amiibo cards to get villagers to visit your island

First of all, you're going to need to own the amiibo card of the character you want to live on your island. Sadly, those special holographic cards (and associated figures) won't work as the characters on them aren't able to be islanders due to having key roles in the game already.

You'll also need to have the campsite unlocked and built on your island. If you don't, you just need to progress the main tasks with Tom Nook further until you reach that point.

Next, you'll need to head to the Nook Stop terminal in Resident Services and select 'Invite a Camper', with the 'a' being an amiibo logo, clever little touch. Once you've scanned the amiibo card you'll invite them to stay at your campsite and despite presumably never meeting you before they agree to come. Immediately.

Getting your new villagers to stay permanently

As soon as the call is over, they'll be at your campsite already pitched up. To make them a permanent resident however you'll need to pop in and have a word with them.

You may need to speak to them a few times, but soon enough they'll express an interest in something created by the island's inhabitants as a memento of their journey, and by 'island inhabitants' they, of course, mean you.

They'll ask for something specific to be made using the game's crafting system, and if you don't already have the relevant DIY recipe they'll hand it to you gratis. Nice.

Once you've cobbled it all together and presented it to them, they'll reward you with something you likely don't want, but the more interesting stuff happens when you talk to them again. After a few attempts (or potentially the first) of chatting with them again, they'll wonder if they shouldn't just move to your island as a permanent fixture, and you can encourage them to do so.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Islander Gift
Image: Nintendo Life

Unfortunately, they won't be entirely bedazzled by your offer and will instead ask you to invite them to camp again before they make any rash decisions. You'll then need to wait until the next day and repeat exactly the same process of inviting them with the amiibo, making their item of choice, and convincing them to stay once again.

They'll yet again ask you to invite them over for a third time, and so it's time to wait until the next day yet again and repeat the whole cycle. Thankfully this is the final hurdle, and once you've given them their third item and convinced them to stay, they'll pop off to Resident Services to speak to Tom Nook about doing just that.

This is where we'd recommend you have an empty plot of land already available as it'll make the whole process a lot easier. If you don't have any space you can kick out an existing resident, but that's not entirely moral.

Assuming all has gone to plan the very next day your character of choice will be living it up on your island in a sea of cardboard boxes, hoorah!

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