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Have you brave souls been attempting to get rich off the Stalk Market in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, only to end up wasting all of your Bells on bad luck and timing? Wanting to dig yourself out of that pitfall hole of debt with Tom Nook?

As many of us are undoubtedly familiar, the Stalk Market is an invaluable – and finicky – system for getting rich quick; however, there are some novel ways in New Horizons to make this opportunity work even more to your financial advantage.

What's new with the Stalk Market?

In all Animal Crossing entries, players can dabble in buying and selling turnips to make a profit. In previous games, Joan was the basket-bearing boar eager to share her turnips – for a price. However, the role has now been relegated to her granddaughter, Daisy Mae.

You can find sweet (and sneezy) Daisy Mae wandering your island from 5am to noon each Sunday, selling her wares in bundles of 10 – at unlimited amounts, if you have the money. The prices can vary from 90 Bells to 110 Bells per turnip (we suggest buying when they're priced under 100).

As always, players have from Monday until the following Sunday to unload their stock – at which time, the turnips will rot, along with your investment. Of course, time travelling will also rot your lot, so don't go committing any time crimes after buying.

The turnips can be sold Monday-Saturday at the island's shop for anywhere from 15 to 800 Bells (but generally in the range of 50-200). There will be two different prices per day, with the change occurring at noon. Prices will fluctuate throughout the week, often along different patterns – so watch carefully.

Of course, seasoned veterans will be well aware that turnips take up space – and cannot be kept in storage. If you're stuck on ideas for where to keep your turnips until the market turns, we've got you covered in our Pockets Inventory Upgrade Guide (or, you know, you could just throw them randomly in spots on the ground, whatever works).

The Turnip Exchange

Main page of Turnip Exchange
Image: Warp World / Warp World 2020

For those who would rather not take financial risks – and aren't afraid of going global with their greed – there's a fast and easy way to crowdsource high returns on this fickle market.

Created by Warp World, the Turnip Exchange allows users to easily and efficiently exchange turnips – or other items – on different islands across the world. It allows users to find islands where the daily turnip prices may be higher (for selling) or lower (for buying) and streamlines the visiting process for everyone.

Besides allowing you to find islands where Timmy & Tommy may buy your turnips for higher prices that day, you can:

  • Search for live turnip prices across users' islands by:
    • Viewing the islands page, which features the 12 most recently created islands
    • Visit the Discord server and check the #turnip-exchange-live channel
    • Search Twitter for the hashtag #turnipcode, where users will post their prices and Turnip Codes
  • Exchange other items such as furniture, fruit, clothing - you name it! The rules are up to the owner of the island – which they can list in its queue online – and works on an honour system with visitors.
  • Host others from around the world on your own island. Using "Turnip Codes", the Exchange's version of a Dodo Code, users can visit your island's queue page online, and will be updated when it's their turn to get your island's specific Dodo Code.

How do I visit others' islands on the Exchange?

The steps to get into the queue and visit others' islands are as follows:

  1. Look for an island you wish to visit on the Islands page, the Discord server or via hashtag on Twitter (see above)
  2. Either on that island's queue page - or using their Turnip Code on the main page of the Exchange (if you already know it) - select "Join"
  3. You will be asked for your in-game name, which will be added to the queue - be sure to stay on that page, or you will forfeit your spot in line
  4. Once it's your turn, you will be provided with a Dodo Code to enter at your airport, which will allow you to travel to that island
Islands page on Turnip Exchange
Image: Warp World / Warp World 2020

How do I host my own island on the Exchange?

If you're a brave, charitable soul and wish to host your own island on the Turnip Exchange, you can do so by:

  1. Creating a current Dodo Code at your airport (be sure to select "online play", invite "the more the merrier", and keep your gates open with this code so that it doesn't expire)
  2. Visiting the Host page and entering your Dodo Code
  3. Entering the requested information about your island, including: fruit type, current turnip price, hemisphere, and current date & time on your island
  4. You can also include a short description - this space is mainly used to make requests or set down rules for visitors to your island
  5. From here, you will be asked to provide a "Visitor Limit" and "Queue Limit", and you can also decide whether you wish to keep your island private, or would like it searchable on the Exchange
  6. After filling out this information, you will be provided with a Turnip Code - from here, you can wait for others to find your island and join the queue (if you chose to keep it public), or share your Turnip Code with others - including via the Discord server, and #turnipcode on Twitter
Setting up Dodo Code for hosting island on Turnip Exchange
Image: Austin Voigt

What are the rules of the Turnip Exchange?

Again, this exchange works on an honour system – and therefore, there are some rules they ask that all users follow:

  • When you are queued up and waiting, be sure to keep an eye on the amount of people ahead of you, and plan to be ready to enter the Dodo Code within a minute of receiving it.
  • Once on the island, stay in the queue and only click "Leave Queue" after you left the island. Otherwise, the next person in line is going to get the Dodo Code before they should and it can cause delays.
  • Be sure to follow the rules your host created if they have any in the description.

We've had reports of users buying and selling millions of Bells' worth of turnips - so if you're as money-hungry as Tom Nook, it's definitely worth a shot. Who knows - besides making money and gathering goods, you may even encounter a new friend or two via the Turnip Exchange. Happy selling!

Have you been playing the Stalk Market? Are you working with others to share turnip prices and get the most bang for your Bells? Let us know in the comments below!

Thanks to Noah McFerran for the tip!

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