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I liked the Nintendo 64, because it was where Rareware were most involved in making games for Nintendo systems. It hinted at a future where two great games would be working together on a near endless stream of classic titles.

Then the buyout happened.

And the Gamecube? Thought it was decent enough, Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Double Dash were fun to mess around with, as were Smash Bros Melee and Luigi's Mansion. It just never quite competed with the rest of Nintendo's systems on the quality games front.

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This topic is right up my alley. N64 and GCN represent the height of my life as a gamer. I appreciate and still love both consoles to this day. I followed news regarding both consoles very very closely back then and I constantly anticipated new releases and played the hell out of the games I had on both consoles.

The Nintendo 64 just blew me away when I got it. I got into SNES pretty late in its life - 1994 - and by the time N64 rolled around, I had only played a handful of SNES games and wasn't ready to move on to the next system yet, and as such I refused to get an N64...until I played Super Mario 64 in Blockbuster and was instantly blown away. I had to have an N64. I never knew how amazing 3D games could be til I played N64. Prior to that I was all about 2D. The N64 changed my life. Nearly every game that I got on N64 was an instant hit with me. I also rented a ton of N64 games. To this day it's still my #1 console.

The Gamecube is easily my #2 console of choice, almost equal in greatness to the N64 in my eyes. When the N64 was on its way out and the whole "Dolphin" talk was the big thing, I was super excited for the Gamecube. I was sad that the N64 was dying, as I wish it had lived at least another year, but I couldn't wait for the Gamecube and it became the first console I bought at launch with Super Smash Bros Melee shortly after. I remember going to Toys R Us just after the Gamecube's launch and playing SSBM there, while owning the GCN at home but SSBM wasn't out yet so I didn't even have a game for the system yet! But I was so impressed by Melee that I knew I made the right choice buying a Gamecube. Then with the system it was hit after hit, barely having any downtime between releases. I was working and going to college during the Cube's life so I didn't have as much free time as I did before that but I has a disposable income which led me to buy a ton of games for the system.



The N64 was my only console that generation and I loved it. It practically defined my early teens because I played so much on it. I have lots of fond memories playing games either alone or with my siblings or best friend. The memories of the system in turn bring back lots of memories of other things that occurred around the same time. Lots of weird mental associations.

The jump from the 2D games of the Mega Drive to the (at the time) amazing 3D of the N64 was just amazing. I was blown away by Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario 64, both of which I got with the system for Christmas '97. I remember playing lots of Mario Kart 64 with my brother and sisters when we were all off school sick. Defining games for me included the likes of Super Mario 64, both Zelda's and Banjo-Kazooie - all of which have since been re-released or remade. Then there's crazy stuff like Mystical Ninja Starring Goeman, Space Station Silicon Valley and Mischief Makers. I liked the cartridges, aesthetically. There's something satisfying about that click as you push a cartridge in. I now hate the controller. It never bothered me much at the time but now I find it so uncomfortable to hold these days. The analogue stick was very precise though.

As for the Gamecube, after loving my N64 so much I just had to have one. I got one for my 17th birthday with Smash Bros. Melee just a few weeks after the system was released in Europe. I can still remember my first impressions. Playful start up jingle. Cute little discs. One thing I loved was how it looked. Some think it looks like a toy or a lunchbox but I think it's marvelous. I had the black one and thought it was quite sleek. I liked the cube shape and the symmetry. To me I think it looks more like a futuristic washing machine than a lunch box thanks to the "window" on the top. That generation was the greatest and although the PS2 clearly dominated each console felt unique and had a distinct offering. I did get a PS2 at the tail end of the generation because I found there weren't enough games coming out for the GC. It never particularly bothered me early on because I was busy at uni and I would simply replay what I had, but later on I wanted more. Playing some excellent JRPGs on the system really awakened my love for the genre and so I had to have a PS2. Favourite games on the system are Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Baten Kaitos, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 2 and Resident Evil 4. I played Resident Evil 4 six times in succession.


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The N64 was so disappointing outside of it's unique controller, analog stick, rumble pack and tiny pile of heavy hitter masterpieces that having a PS1 was mandatory during that generation to get the best of both worlds. I owned the PS1 and 'shared' an N64 with my younger brother back then.

The Gamecube however was Nintendo's least innovative console, but it had a solid library of games no doubt and struck gamers hard with Resident Evil Fevere. I still much prefer the NES, SNES & Wii though.

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Man I have always wanted a GameCube so badly... But I am still poor with the munnies ( and have no TV so would have to buy that too). Always admired it's shape and it's main color scheme of purple. Animal Crossing and Melee are some really great games that I would love to play on the system. Oh and Wind Waker too, it looks marvelous to play with it's unique art style and big locations.

I have actually never owned a Nintendo console, it has always been handhelds with our family... from GBA to the 3DS that's all the Nintendo I have ever known.

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I love the Gamecube and I don't have/never had a Gamecube. But I play Gamecube games on the Wii, and it is wonderful. Those triggers on the controller are epic. I don't usually like traditional controllers too much like this but the Gamecube controller is special.

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I grew up on the Nes (briefly) and the SNES but the Gamecube is still hands down my favorite system. Fighting games like (SCII, bloody roar and CvSNK2), multiplats (not as many as ps2 but I think it matched xbox fairly well), the controller while now behind the gamepad as my favorite was so comfortable except the dpad was too stiff, plus some really awesome exclusives (baten kaitos I and II ate up so much of my life) made it the system to own for me. I was so content with it that I didn't get a ps2 until the end of the gen and I didn't get an xbox until after the 360 had launched. Also that thing won't die...I dropped it down a flight of stairs when I went to college and it was fine aside from some scuff marks. Still works now in fact.

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Alright guys, this isn't a thread to hate on the GCN/N64, this is a thread to love and worship the GCN/N64. I'm looking at you @WaveBoy...

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Great thread

I owned both the N46 and GC for many years, and would consider them both strong 'Nintendo' products' for many reasons. The N64 was quite ahead of its time in terms of graphic capabilities and multiplayer support, but I always felt it was unable to communicate these strengths to the audience majority. Not only this, but the price of games (up to £55 even back '99) and almost impossible nature of pirating meant that it was considered a toy rather than a platform. Conversely, the PS1 was cheaper to buy, it's games cheaper (mostly), easy pirating and, perhaps most importantly, better branding with a broader and new emerging adult audience.

The other weakness of the N64 was it's game library. Yes, it hit some highs that even Nintendo have yet to fully replace, but the third party support was once again a problem. In this case, the cartridge format was a big contributor; vastly smaller storage space, more expensive to manufacture.

What about the GC? I'll be in the minority that actually preferred this product to the N64. It was nippier than the PS2 and a little less capable than the Xbox, sure, but this was blown way out of proportion at the time. I distinctly remember the hype and hoo-lah about the PS2's well branded 'Emotion Engine', and how much better this silicon was than anything else on the market. It worked, and once again the cool/mature image usurped Nintendo.

The GC was a great looking product too, very original and with easily Nintendo's best controller to date. It had a very decent selection of games that, like the N64, have become all-time classics and were worth owning the console for. It could play GBA games with the (admittedly chunky) adapter, had the most awesome wireless controller on the market (the WaveBird) and was incredibly reliable.

So if I had a choice between the two, I would likely go with the GC. In my view there many N64 games that are just starting to look a little... tired? They were great at the time on a small CRT TV, but now the early 3D graphics are just showing their age, and I'd rather they stay as happy memories. The GC was the beginning of modern-looking graphics as we know them today - far more polished and rounded - and they're still very playable today.

I just wish Nintendo would put them on the Wii U Virtual Console already...

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The Gamecube in my honest opinion is the greatest system ever made. With Super Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker, and Metroid Prime, it has the greatest games in three of the biggest genres - the platformer, the action game, and the shooter. Of course all three of those are classic nintendo adventure games so what we really have is an adventure platformer, and action adventure and an adventure shooter. Those three in my opinion are in the top 5 games ever developed along with Xenoblade and Fire Emblem Fates.

Also that controller. The GC controller is the best controller designed for the gamer. I'm so salty that the entire gaming industry is still stuck with the old SNES controller design layout when the GC design improved on it. Even my darling Nintendo went back to the aged SNES face button layout. We're living in the past. Miyamoto improved on the design of the controller and we took a step back after the Wii for some reason.

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Besides the fact that the Gamecube had a good amount of great first party games, it lacked in exclusives but the exclusives it did have were the best of that generation. I have a very small (yet wonderful) collection. I also want to mention that although the Gamecube controller is so loved, I don't find it to be anything special. I can't ignore the C-stick issues, bad d-pad and the noisy trigger buttons. I like the face buttons though.

The N64 is one of my favourites. It also lacked in exclusive games (compared to Playstation), but just like the Gamecube, the exclusives it did have were the best of that generation. I also felt that the controller is poorly designed and very uncomfortable.


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man, it's so weird seeing people talk about third parties all the time.

back in the day (actually only 10 years ago), nobody went on about how "u need third party support", that was for the other companies because they aren't gaming companies, don't think like gaming companies, don't innovate and create new gaming ideas, they get third parties to make formulaic games.

nintendo have never needed that kind of support. why do people talk about it so much? one person even acknowledged how the N64 has so many AAA once in a generation titles yet also bemoans the lack of third party support?? why do you need bad third party games when you have utterly timeless first party games? quality, not quantity! this is why you fondly remember the gamecube before the playstation 2 - quality, not quantity.

Octane wrote:

everyone needs to relax and enjoy the games that are released today and stop worrying what Nintendo will do in a year or two from now.

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@Drowsy Indeed it is… But GameCube is god. ALL HAIL THE PURPLE LUNCH BOX!

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N64 was awesome, but it just didn't have the games PS1 had, and there's literally no way or reason for me to go back and "beat" PS1.
As for GCN, outside or God of War, Black, or Starwars Battlefront II, it still wins in my book. You just weren't going to beat Resident Evil exclusives, Metal Gear Solid, exclusive Sega, Smash Bros, etc. on GameCube. Even Xbox beats PS2, IMO, but GCN was truly my first favorite console.


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I have 64 games for my N64.



Good work people, we must continue to keep this thread pumping. Never shall it fall into the depths of old threads! 5th/6th gen was the best! More worship!

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Is this a zombie thread? I've got the necessary plants on standby if it is deemed so.

If not then I'll say that I like the N64 for Banjo, Conker's, OOT & Majora's Mask and Pokemon Snap, and the GameCube for Fire Emblem Path of Radiance, Pokemon Colosseum & XD, Double Dash, Melee and Sunshine. Not much else for either TBH.



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