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It was a great console, the main thing that hurt it most was the fact that it was competing directly with the ultra popular PS2.


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Wave Race Blue Storm is awesome, I pray for a sequel.

I really don't like the navigation bar of Nintendo Life continuously reappearing while browsing!!

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Was there really 6 Resident Evils? What was the 6th? I only recall 0-4

Code Veronica.

I thought it was only on the PS2 and Dreamcast...

Nope. Also on the GameCube.


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One word: Melee. That is all

But also, the Wii U NEEDS GameCube VC. I want Path of Radiance so badly and I'd love to be able to play games like F-Zero GX and Luigi's Mansion on the gamepad.


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This thread is now edited to include the N64, because it's (supposedly) awesome.

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One of the last Consoles to not have games RUINED by greedy developers with their DLC schemes. Also the last time Nintendo had a Console of similar power to its completion, one can only hope that the Wii U successor takes that road as its the way to go.
One of the better looking Consoles too, I love the indigo but you could get basic Black if you wanted.

No need for basic Black right now, but maybe one day. I have the incredible Indigo and perfect Platinum. Indigo is chipped and scuffed, but the Platinum is in near mint condition, with matching controllers, and a Platinum Wavebird. "Platinum" is associated with "special" and these little gems are certainly something special now aren't they? #WhoAreYou?

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Great console systems. I was quite young when the N64 came out and I remember being blown away by the graphics of Super Mario 64.

Unfortunately, the 3D games killed a lot of the interest in platforming games, which had always been my preference. So, while a lot of my friends moved on to the 3D games, I continued to play the older SNES/NES games for the next few years.

Finally updated to the N64 in 2000 and the PS2 in 2001.

The graphics on the gamecube were great, for the time. However, I had already moved on to the PS2 and never really played a lot of those games.

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Bump. We need more people commenting! More praise for the GCN & N64! #BornToPlay #ChangeTheSystem

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GameCube was pretty good, though I only had a PS2 generation, pretty much because PS2 had the monopoly on RPGs that gen.



Wow. Gamecube AND N64? Now you've got me nostalgic

I see quite a few parallels between the Gamecube and the Wii U, specifically their "underdog" status against Sony and Microsoft. (Also their unconventional but intuitive main controller and the fact that they will probably be remembered for Smash Bros. more than anything else) But what I thought was interesting about the Gamecube is they pushed the envelope on all of their classic franchises - Mario got a water pack, Link got cel-shaded, Metroid became an FPS, and Mario Kart embraced the power of teamwork. Nintendo really didn't play it safe that generation.

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The N64 was actually a terrible console in retrospect. Not the specifications or the games mind you, but the fact that you could only rely on 2 blockbusters being released a year was terrible for the consumer. Obviously it has some all time classics and the game design of Mario 64 and OoT essentially cemented two 3D genres, but it was abysmal in terms of RPG support and has business practices that started the trend of no third party support for Nintendo.



The GameCube was amazing though and really had Nintendo thinking outside the box with their franchises (as mentioned above). Pikmin is still one of my all time favorites. Nintendo also was better at working exclusive 3rd party deals like the Capcom 5 and got a lot of the classic compilations the PS2 was getting. Too bad it didn't really sell all that well. Not to mention that indigo and spice were great color choices.



My only issue with the GameCube is that it underutilized online; pretty much only PSO made use of it. That game's online is still alive today with the private servers. Anyway, I still had a great time with what the system offered. It's my favorite console actually.



5th and 6th gen were really the golden age of gaming IMO. There was a better variety of games and a lot more creativity. You could really buy that Nintendo was innovating back then, not like now when they phone in practically all of their games.


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I loved the gamecube as well. Moving from Dreamcast to Gamecube it had some games I had on Dreamcast and also the 60HZ option. Too bad they went downhill with the WII and WII U. It was clearly not a good move. They tried to be different, but failed to support fans who are a bit more of a hardcore gamer. The limitations of the hardware specs were just not acceptable.




1. Resident Evil is the fourth game in the series. It is also the last game to tie up the Umbrella years. The final showdown. The GBC game also did that but was ported to 3d on celluar phone along with the RE airport game ( the one based off the movie ). RE the movie was basically like watching the game in action.

CV is best on the Dreamcast as that is the main system. It was kinda weird becuase what is funny about CV is that it is on the PSX with tons more footage then the Dreamcast. The CV is kinda funny but I can't find CV for the PSX but remember it being sold in stores for the PSX.

2. N64. Let me be fair. The entire life of the n64 was Pokemon gimmicks. That is about it. N64 did have it's moments and people were like wow but if I had an PSX in my home, chances are most of my games would have been PSX. The N64 have tons of great games on it, Bomberman N64 is probably the first and last time Bomberman was "up to date" along with the "Second Attack". What else could be said????/ We were just happy jolly fools buying into this abomination of an machine. Born on lies, and people breaking promises.

3. Dreamcast - okay lets be fair. Nobody knew anything about Dreamcast. They had an bunch of great games on it. But the average gamer was into RPG games, or was Nintendo-slaves. Nobody cared about the Dreamcast no matter what game they had because we were busy. Even the PSX had more love dedicated towards it then the Dreamcast. "Treasure Planet had two dual releases.

1. RECV is the final confrontation between everybody and umbrella, but was released before RE4 and RE0.
2. N64 had some moments but the PSX could blow them away any day.
3. Dreamcast had no advertisment. SONY gave free advertisement away.

What about the Gamecube??

Well everything on the Gamecube was great until.
A. Metroid Fusion. Also when did Metroid Prime Take place.
B. Phantasy Stat Online. So many memories. I collected all the Items and then was BSOD on the Japanese servers by of course "Midgets". Kinda like the ending of "Kite". BSOD ruined everybody life, and that games Gazonde damaged my eyes. I miss all the people I talked with and did all kinds of crazy things.
C. Smash Brothers.....Keep in mind I got rid of that game, but it was nice while it lasted.
D. IDK that is pretty much it. The Gamecube had some moments here and there but the best game was and is Resident Evil 4 and I sold that off. I still have "Beyond Good and Evil" because it was the only game I could play over and over again without getting bored. It was that amazing. I played bG&E probably ten to five times in one day. Amazing short game but so fun to play. Great graphics
E. That is the problem with the Gamecube after you look away from Resident Evil the system looks very empty and tasteless. That is all I can say. No really Nintendo made it impossible to enjoy these systems BY DAMAGING THE STORYLINE. Most of the games for the Gamecube was ports. Even the Zelda quests are ports. All Gamecube games have been ported over, Why bother anymore???

F. Right now I am playing Spongebob. While on the PS2 I am playing FFIX.
Seriously that being said, both games look great my garbage "Seiki" tv. Otherwise I would rather go back to the SNES any day of the week.

F. To hell with the Gamecube and N64. N64 has one really great game, and an bunch of fun things from Rareware. That is really about sums up everything. The Gamecube barely have anything original on it, and I feel so wiped out thinking about purchasing games for it. It is like, why should I bother to get another gimmicky 3d game ever again.

Again the N64 has only one and again I say, ONE GREAT GAME and we all know what that is. Not bomberman or an Rare game.

PSX is like the same effect of Brain seeing Young Lois. That is it.

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I tend to have mixed feelings in regards to the N64. On one hand it had some of the greatest games ever made, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, SM64, Starfox 64, F-Zero X, the plethora of Rare games.'s library was still pitifully tiny, third party support is as non-existent as the Wii U, and the controller is one of the worst controllers I ever used.

Gamecube on the other hand is actually one of my favorite consoles. Had a great library, it gave us some truly amazing games like the Metroid Prime games, Melee, Windwaker and Twilight Princess, Resident Evil REmake/0/4, Tales of Symphonia, Star Wars Rogue Leader. Luigi got his own game. Third Party support was actually decent(no gimped ports like the Wii U, no shovelware like the Wii). Controller was glorious. The only real criticism I had with it was the underused online(I think the PSO games were the only ones that used it) and the d-pad on the controller kind of really sucks

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I liked the Nintendo 64, because it was where Rareware were most involved in making games for Nintendo systems. It hinted at a future where two great games would be working together on a near endless stream of classic titles.

Then the buyout happened.

And the Gamecube? Thought it was decent enough, Mario Sunshine and Mario Kart Double Dash were fun to mess around with, as were Smash Bros Melee and Luigi's Mansion. It just never quite competed with the rest of Nintendo's systems on the quality games front.

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This topic is right up my alley. N64 and GCN represent the height of my life as a gamer. I appreciate and still love both consoles to this day. I followed news regarding both consoles very very closely back then and I constantly anticipated new releases and played the hell out of the games I had on both consoles.

The Nintendo 64 just blew me away when I got it. I got into SNES pretty late in its life - 1994 - and by the time N64 rolled around, I had only played a handful of SNES games and wasn't ready to move on to the next system yet, and as such I refused to get an N64...until I played Super Mario 64 in Blockbuster and was instantly blown away. I had to have an N64. I never knew how amazing 3D games could be til I played N64. Prior to that I was all about 2D. The N64 changed my life. Nearly every game that I got on N64 was an instant hit with me. I also rented a ton of N64 games. To this day it's still my #1 console.

The Gamecube is easily my #2 console of choice, almost equal in greatness to the N64 in my eyes. When the N64 was on its way out and the whole "Dolphin" talk was the big thing, I was super excited for the Gamecube. I was sad that the N64 was dying, as I wish it had lived at least another year, but I couldn't wait for the Gamecube and it became the first console I bought at launch with Super Smash Bros Melee shortly after. I remember going to Toys R Us just after the Gamecube's launch and playing SSBM there, while owning the GCN at home but SSBM wasn't out yet so I didn't even have a game for the system yet! But I was so impressed by Melee that I knew I made the right choice buying a Gamecube. Then with the system it was hit after hit, barely having any downtime between releases. I was working and going to college during the Cube's life so I didn't have as much free time as I did before that but I has a disposable income which led me to buy a ton of games for the system.



The N64 was my only console that generation and I loved it. It practically defined my early teens because I played so much on it. I have lots of fond memories playing games either alone or with my siblings or best friend. The memories of the system in turn bring back lots of memories of other things that occurred around the same time. Lots of weird mental associations.

The jump from the 2D games of the Mega Drive to the (at the time) amazing 3D of the N64 was just amazing. I was blown away by Diddy Kong Racing and Super Mario 64, both of which I got with the system for Christmas '97. I remember playing lots of Mario Kart 64 with my brother and sisters when we were all off school sick. Defining games for me included the likes of Super Mario 64, both Zelda's and Banjo-Kazooie - all of which have since been re-released or remade. Then there's crazy stuff like Mystical Ninja Starring Goeman, Space Station Silicon Valley and Mischief Makers. I liked the cartridges, aesthetically. There's something satisfying about that click as you push a cartridge in. I now hate the controller. It never bothered me much at the time but now I find it so uncomfortable to hold these days. The analogue stick was very precise though.

As for the Gamecube, after loving my N64 so much I just had to have one. I got one for my 17th birthday with Smash Bros. Melee just a few weeks after the system was released in Europe. I can still remember my first impressions. Playful start up jingle. Cute little discs. One thing I loved was how it looked. Some think it looks like a toy or a lunchbox but I think it's marvelous. I had the black one and thought it was quite sleek. I liked the cube shape and the symmetry. To me I think it looks more like a futuristic washing machine than a lunch box thanks to the "window" on the top. That generation was the greatest and although the PS2 clearly dominated each console felt unique and had a distinct offering. I did get a PS2 at the tail end of the generation because I found there weren't enough games coming out for the GC. It never particularly bothered me early on because I was busy at uni and I would simply replay what I had, but later on I wanted more. Playing some excellent JRPGs on the system really awakened my love for the genre and so I had to have a PS2. Favourite games on the system are Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Baten Kaitos, Paper Mario, Metroid Prime 2 and Resident Evil 4. I played Resident Evil 4 six times in succession.



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