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Actually I just realized I have 65 carts now that my bf gave me his old gold OoT that had been sitting in his dads house since 2000.

Omg how dare you pass up the Banana controller. That controller is the only way I'd buy more for this system. I'm done. I've got more than enough. Until/if I have a display room.



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Loved the N64. My favourite machine in a lot of ways. I was at university 1995-99 and it's associated with a great time in my life, and one where I had the spare time to play its games to death. I blasted part of my first student loan on a Playstation right at the start of '96 but my years with Gameboy and SNES had me eagerly waiting for the N64. Finally got one in June 1997 after THE Games dropped the machine from its initial crazy launch price (£249 when the PS was £129!). For 2 years I played through most of the classics. Yes the games were expensive but at that point Nintendo were really stretching themselves and their games were the absolute best of the best.

I could only buy a few games this year but the quality of N64 games for the first couple of years really suited me (plus they could be traded in for good money). I had Pilotwings, ISS64, then Mario, then Wave Race. In late 1997 it was Starfox then Goldeneye then Diddy Kong Racing. There was bit of a lull in early 1998 which gave me time to catch up with Turok and Blast Corps, while the second half of 1998 was superb - Banjo-Kazooie then ISS98 then F-Zero X then Ocarina of Time. A lot of F1 World Grand Prix tournaments in split-screen round at a friends house.

In 1999 things started to drift. I didn't think much of Mario Party, Star Wars Racer, Smash Bros, or Jet Force Gemini while Donkey Kong 64 was OK. I actually played Mario Golf and New Tetris more than any of them. I still hammered my N64 though as I spent the year picking up older games at cheap....well, reduced prices. Mystical Ninja, Mischief Makers, Spacestation Silicon Valley, Wipeout 64, Turok 2 (overrated at the time but still good). Then in 2000 third-party support dried up. I loved Ridge Racer 64 and carried on with the backlog playing Rogue Squadron, Yoshis Story, 1080 (wasn't a huge fan TBH), the fantastic Rocket, Top Gear Rally 2 and Rayman 2. However ISS on the Playstation had overtaken the N64 version and I could no longer resist Sonys machine. It had a huge library that was often very cheap. Never really felt the love for the PS1 though. N64 was by far my favourite. I liked the design of the machine, the thick clunk of the cartridges being inserted and the Controller. I could never understand how people struggled with it. Nice analogue stick, great D-Pad, clever button layout, nice weight. Fantastic Controller iMHO. Different colours for multiplayer and Rumble were innovations that are now standard.

It's a real shame that N64 games (bear in mind I'm in the UK) look absolutely dreadful on modern TVs. If it wasn't for that I'd still have one around. Well that and the games being very expensive to find in boxes, and the controllers being a lottery. Glorious machine though. Poor business decisions behind it and lacking third-party support-though it should be noted it got much better third-party support than Wii U-but at its best it was glorious.

I got the Gamecube on Launch Day. Got a lot of use out of it but now I was working and could afford to have a PS2 as well. Being honest the PS2 overshadowed the 'Cube in the end for me. Something I'd have thought unthinkable back in 2000. I also thought the GCN entries into Nintendos biggest series (Mario, MK, Zelda) were relatively weak. That's for another place though.

Games I loved on GCN included Luigis Mansion, Wave Race, both Pikmins, Mario Sunshine (whispers I preferred Jak and Daxter though), Wind Waker, F-Zero GX, Donkey Konga (well I liked it anyway), DK Jungle Beat, Mario Golf, and the pick of the bunch IMHO, Metroid Prime and Paper Mario : TTYD. Away from Nintendo stuff there was a surprising amount of choice. The 'Cube missed out on some games like GTA (because of moneyhats) and PES but it got a lot of class third-party games. Burnout 2 stands out as being beautiful on GCN and superior to the PS2 version. I also played a lot of SSX On Tour, REMake, Resi 4, the criminally underrated Freedom Fighters, Extreme G3, Rogue leader, Skies of Arcadia, and Super Monkey Ball (hours and hours of that. Screw you Master 3). Such variety.

Lovely design of the machine, I still think it looks great now. The Controller.....yeah. Touch overrated in my eyes. It made a couple of games more difficult than they should have been. Felt lovely in the hands but I didn't always feel the layout was intuitive. Poor D-Pad as well. Overall though, while it doesn't match up with the SNES or N64 in my eyes, the GCN is a lovable box of tricks.

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For me, I think the home arcade feel climaxed with AM2 and that gamecube analogue stick and shoulder buttons. Zero dead zone and being able to lock directions (especially forwards!) bumped F-Zero GX and Monkey Ball 1 and 2 from great games to perfect ones. Seriously, play Monkey Ball on a PS2 pad. It's awful and twitchy because when you are edging, you have to preempt when the stick will start to register. (Was even worse on the Xbox!)

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Someone alert Konami they need to put their N64 games on WiiU. Castlevania and Mystical Ninja.



The N64 was my jam, from Nintendo classics like Mario 64, Mario Kart 64, F-Zero X, Star Fox 64, Zelda Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2, and the original Smash Bros., to Rare's collection of Goldeneye, Diddy Kong Racing, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, and Perfect Dark, and even lesser-known gems like Star Wars Episode 1 Racer, Forsaken, 1080 Snowboarding, Extreme G, and the list goes on.

I actually never had a Gamecube, but I do have some of its classic games for play on my Wii, including F-Zero GX, Mario Kart Double Dash, and Smash Bros. Melee (plus the HD version of Wind Waker that came bundled with my Wii U). Seriously, if we're not going to get a new F-Zero, then why not just remake GX in HD? I'm sure it would sell well considering consumer demand, and it would be a good way for Nintendo to test the waters with regards to resurrecting the series.


MetalSmasher86 wrote:

...Seriously, if we're not going to get a new F-Zero, then why not just remake GX in HD?

If Wii U had analogue triggers I would love this...but it doesn't, so I am hoping the NX will have an awesome controller to be able to milk Gamecube games. Seriously, I don't think I could play Sunshine or F-Zero on the Wii U without Gamecube controller support. If I didn't appreciate the finer touches in gameplay then I would have owned an Xbox.

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Conkers BFD N64 cart is always $100USD when I see it now. SO glad I have that one. Mostly for the uncensored things that they covered up or bleeped out in the Xbox version. I'll never understand how the "more hardcore" system got the censorship.
The weird thing about Mario Party 3 now, is that I never use to see Japanese carts, but when I go to used stores I see the Japanese carts for them more than the English ones. I virtually don't see MP1 of any kind, and MP2 Japanese is there every so often.



Love the hell out of the Gamecube. Got lots of awesome games for it and some of my all time favorites.

I was so damn addicted to getting Luigi's Mansion and I love the game to death more than its sequel.
Thousand Year Door also a fantasic RPG game.
Sad that my Gamecube is now dead.....

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I adored my gamecube, and its game catalogue was fabulous. It had practically all genres, you could be picky with the games you wanted....
And it had Rogue Squadron III, Double Dash!!, Mario Sunshine, The Thousand Year Door.....
Some found the controller weird, for me, it was natural. I had no problem finding the buttons or using the c-stick.
The Wii after that had good games, but at least for me, it didn't catch the magic of my GC...

Damn. This topic is making me want to go back and get my Gamecube back from my brother.

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I'm moving to a new apt less than a month, I'm finally going to plug my GCN back in so I can replay my GCN games but also double up on Gameboy games with my GB Player. I'm dying for Mario Party 4, Mario Sunshine, Starfox Adventures, and who knows what else.



Had some pretty dumb luck a couple weeks ago:
I walked into a local video game store in Dubuque and noticed they were selling Phantasy Store Onoine (Gamecube) for $45. After some trading with my sister to get the money (I traded her my copy of Lufia 1; planned on eventually getting a copy of lufia 2 anyway, and I'll probably find them in a bundle on ebay), and bought it. On the car ride back, I noticed that they mentioned the plus version on the back of the case. I turn around the case and realized... that they gave me the plus version.... which goes for $120+. That's one way to save a ton of money :3



Just bought a GCN last year and idk why I didn't rebuy it sooner! I got my original purple one for my 13th birthday back in 02 and I thought it was the greatest thing! of course my sisters bf was a total PS2 fanboy and always bashed my little purple cubey:/ Always telling me "Dude, it's for kids!" "It doesn't even play DVDs!" "It doesn't have any mature (real) games!" "Oh it's a fun system, but that's all it is." "PS2 is mature, plays DVDs, and is just all around better!" I've heard it

My favorite games were Wind Waker, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Starfox Adventures, Viewtiful Joe 1 and 2, and Smash Melee.

I never got to fully play Mario Sunshine, Pikmin, or MarioKart DD:(

Too bad the games are hard to find or are really expensive...

Idk what it is, but the GCN era was just so exciting, new, revolutionary, and just the best IMO. When I bought the Wii and Wii U, it just didn't give me that special feeling like the GCN did...

I remember reading rumors online that the GCN would be called "Dolphin"



GC and N64 were great, and 5th and 6th overall was the golden age of the industry. That was when developers actually innovated and did new things. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Ocarina of Time, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2, those are some of the best games of all time.


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Wats up guys this is Brian checkin in. 1st post ever.

Ima give me some love for the n64. Best console ever. When I got mine i thought i wouldnt need anything else to be happy ever again. i wish nintendo still made old skool type games like that. that was one of the best times in my life



Hello, any threads where I can worship the GBA?

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