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@Link-Hero agreed and probably best to focus on the game….

I fear the worst for the Switch version, and will be phenomenal if the devs manage to pull off another third-party ‘miracle port’! (W3, NMS, Nier etc…)



@CJD87 It is truly criminal! I am not talking about the graphical and performance issues though! S/V are soulless, and they do not deserve even 1/10 of the money they got! It is all about the Pokemon brand.

@Octane The HP brand is recognizable indeed but you can compare it to other such games like the Batman Arkham Series and Marvel's Spider-Man. They all build on the IP's success BUT they are done with passion, and you can see that in the little details left there for the fans of the original works.

Early Batman, Spider-Man, Harry Potter games did not have the same success until they are done properly like this.

@Link-Hero I am jealous I have to wait for the PS4 version

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I've been told the Xbox Series X and PS5 are suffering some of the same problems, just not at the same level as on PC. If those versions are having trouble, I'm expecting the Switch rendition to probably be a travesty.


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@CJD87 I feel like you had people with good intentions, not harassing vtubers twitch streamers the like, then you had a few bad eggs but who doesn’t, but then you have the one group of people who get up in the morning type all the hateful nonsense they can, and they don’t even care about said problem in question, it’s just now they get there “I’m a good person” badge, because that’s just what some people are saying, these types of things always get jacked by people like that, and it’s saddening.

I can’t stand the woman ether, but please at least direct it towards her, not the people who have nothing to do with her, at this point your effecting them more then her, but I guess it’s just easier for them to attack innocent people instead of the problem. (Btw I’m not saying that there aren’t some jerks out there saying hateful things and buying the game for hateful reasons, but it’s not everybody and definitely not the ones they attacked so far)

Ok you had me at hades and dark souls! I definitely have to play it when I get my backlog finished, because those games can take a minute.

@Zuljaras I’m not gonna hate you for it, before I even heard of the recent stuff she said I couldn’t stand her, that was just the icing on the cake, it’s your opinion, I don’t share her views what so ever, but if you do, that’s fine, and you have shown me you do it in a really respectful manner.

Oh yeah definitely, And what’s crazy is that just like the ps4, the graphics for this console are just going to get crazier and crazier, and to be fair I feel like the devs never got a I.P to really show there skills.

Gamefreak has really outdone themselves with the quality, im sure the game is fun but the fact that Metroid prime looks better then Pokémon is way too stupid to be real. And of course they would lose there jobs, literally hand that bad boy over to anyone else, heck even give it to next level and we are talking about waaaaaaaay better quality, and maybe not getting straight up lied to about the national dex.

Nintendo are like woman, You love them for whats on the inside, not the outside…you know what I mean! purah best Zelda girl! 😊

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I was a complete potterhead when I was young so I decided to buy this game as a swansong to my love for the franchise, since Rowling has actively soured me on the whole thing. As a queer person, the books used to be one of my favourite worlds to escape into, now it just feels tainted.

However, the game just isn't that good either. It feels like a standard Ubisoft open world affair with HP windowdressing, and it does not capture the magic of the books. It distinctly feels unmagical, from the way it is basically a third person shooter, to its oppressive dark atmosphere that kind of sucks the joy out of world that should feel joyful. The castle is beautifully realised and hopping on a broom and flying around it was a nostalgia rush, but the castle surroundings are same-y and drab tbh.

I would love for an adaptation like this to flesh out Rowling's awful worldbuilding, to contextualize its basic, black and white ethics, but this does nothing of that. I've yet to see a convincing argument why I shouldn't support Ranrok's uprising, since they don't have the same rights as wizards. As a wizard I am part of a system that oppresses multiple intelligent species, yet the games takes for granted that this is a preferable situation I want to uphold.

All in all, this open world hype needs to die down, since this is a game that would have benefitted from a tight story with stunning, magical locales and great level design. I don't get any HP vibe from raiding a drab goblin camp in the same manner time and time again.

Anyway, these are my two cents for when it comes to the Switch. I think it is probably a much more successful game for people who are not/were not all that crazy about HP in the first place.



Mmm, north of 12 million copies sold in two weeks.

Eh, this is why publishers love boycotts, free advertisement for the product they're slinging.

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@Magician It's crazy, of the Switch port is good and when you include PS4 + XBOX One it will easily hit 30m.


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