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@antdickens Thanks for the explanation, I was wondering why Cloudflare was appearing whenever I checked the site on my phone. FWIW, I tend to keep my computer logged in, I only check the forums quickly or the Nintendo news while I'm on my phone.



This article, showed it had seven hearts so I hearted it. It went down it one. Then when I pressed it again, it went down to zero. I reloaded and it had 7 and when I pressed it, it went down to zero, I think or something like that. I just reloaded it another time, it wasn't the time directly after the last time I mentioned but it was at zero when I reloaded it and it went to 0 and when you press it, it goes to one.


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Just wanted to alert whichever staff reads this to an issue I've come across:
I'm going through some articles and I've noticed that the border around the videos that directs you to NLife's own channel is now a very light gray instead of the previous dark grey. Whilst I assume this isn't an issue in dark mode, in light mode (aka the one I most frequently use), it makes it extremely difficult to actually see the text written on it. My suggestion would be to maybe have it be so it flips between the old and new version depending on the theme being used? I'm no coder so I wouldn't know how practical tht would be but I thought I'd mention it all the same. Thanks for listening and here's an image of what I'm talking about:
(notice how barely legible the writing at the bottom is)

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@Fizza I had a problem like that on "dark mode" with reddit posts and the text being unreadable because the text was so bright. With YouTube posts on "dark mode" the light text does kinda blend in with everything else surprisingly.

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I still see white on white on the youtube border on Fizza's post

I'm in dark mode, so having a white border at all is a little weird.

Edit: wait, that is a picture not a video ūüė∂

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