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@Anti-Matter Thanks for sharing ūüôā The style of that music in the video is more up your street than mine I think. I'm not sure how to describe that sound, but it's just a bit too 'hyper' for me.

Funny you reference Peabo Bryson. I've known his name ever since Beauty & the Beast, but never known anything else he's done. Just looked him up - turns out he did the Aladdin song as well, but that's pretty much all I know of his I think.

From now on, make sure you carry a smartphone (or similar) everywhere you go so that if a tune comes to you you can record yourself humming it. I gotta hear that Anti-Matter sound!

One day I will compose a track and share it on NL, but I take so darn long getting anywhere so don't expect it anytime soon ūüėĀ

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@gcunit Thanks! My goal with these synthesizers is actually to try to make stuff that doesn't sound like video game music, but it always kind of ends up that way. My wife is always telling me I should use something that sounds more like real instruments, but I feel like that's a cheat personally because I can't play real instruments other than a little bit of piano. Also the M10D doesn't have the greatest selections of sounds (or maybe I just don't know how to use them in a way so that they sound more "real"). So yeah... making synth sounds that I personally like from scratch on the DSN-12 probably tends to end up sounding video gamey because those electric-y synth-y sounds are what I enjoy listening to. I've been adding vocals to more and more songs recently, and I would LOVE to learn how to play the drums so I could at least add real percussion sounds, but... one incredibly time-consuming project at a time.

The way you described making music is basically what I do, too. Not just with music, but with my art, when I'm cooking, etc. I start out with a vague idea of where I want to go and just start... doing things. At some point something just sort of clicks and I have a set of vaguely-defined rules (that I couldn't really explain to another person) to follow until I get to the end. Most of the time the thing I end up with ends up nothing like the original idea. It's kind of hard to describe, but it somehow works for me. Like you said, it is super easy to get distracted by other things and not finish a song, but doing the "song of the month" thing has really helped me focus on getting my old songs completed. Plus there was the time I deleted a nearly completed song and only had a week left before my deadline, so instead of trying to re-create that one I made a completely new song: It turns out deadlines work wonders for me.


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Here's another new DSN-12 song! ...Which I started making 5 years ago. At any rate, I've had friends, relatives, and colleagues tell me "no one will listen to your crap unless it's on YouTube because people are lazy and awful" (they might not have said that last part but I despise YouTube with a passion so they probably just forgot to say it), so I done gone went and made one. My new goal in life is to make actual factual videos!


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