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Kirby & The Amazing Mirror Review

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Posted by Philip J Reed

Oh, Kirby, you blowhard...

We have to hand this much to Kirby & The Amazing Mirror:
it certainly isn't afraid of trying new things. We might not be totally convinced of the necessity of those things, of course, but it's always nice to see a series attempt to expand its boundaries somewhat.

The story forges no new ground whatsoever, though, as it's based on the standard light world/dark world dynamic that we've seen in so many of Nintendo's flagship franchises by this point that it's practically a sub-genre. Kirby's mission is to collect the shards of a magical mirror that will allow him to seal off the dark world for good, and let Dream Land get back to... whatever it is Dream Land does when it's not under attack by something.

When you start playing, you'll feel as though you're in familiar territory: cute visuals, bouncy tunes, and some pretty standard platforming abound. Once you progress a little further, however, you'll realise that this isn't your standard, level-based Kirby adventure. Multiple exits adorn nearly every room, and if you find a map you can open it up and see just how convoluted the path ahead really is.

You see, within a single level you'll fight several bosses and reach multiple goal rooms, but that doesn't mean your work in that level is done. It's up to you to scour every corner and unlock every secret, both of which will require much backtracking and pathfinding, giving this Kirby game a peculiar Metroid-like vibe.

This idea is appealing: Dream Land is quirky and varied enough that a looser allowance for exploration should be a good thing. In practice, though, it becomes irritating: rooms start to look the same before very long, and for most of the game you can only access certain levels through particular rooms in other levels. If you want to return somewhere to uncover a secret you couldn't find before, you're likely to find yourself trying every possible path until you stumble upon the right one.

The map, once you learn to read it as an abstract, is certainly helpful, but you'll need a different map for each level. Worse is that you can't view the map for any level other than the one you're in, making planning a trip impossible without at least a little trial and error. The hidden exits and alternate paths should liven up the experience somewhat, but, in actually, it just manages to hide simple tasks behind tedious backtracking.

Kirby's abilities shouldn't surprise anybody who's played a Kirby game before: he can fly, swim, inhale enemies and steal powers. So far, so familiar. Unfortunately the controls feel a mite sluggish in their responsiveness, which really becomes a problem during boss fights and other fast-paced situations. There's a slight delay between input and execution, and once that leads to a few cheap deaths you'll come to regard it as a serious flaw.

Unfortunately, that's not the worst of the problems with Kirby & The Amazing Mirror. One conceit is that Kirby has been split into four entities of different colours, and let's just say that the traditional pink Kirby must have all the brains. The other three Kirbys chaotically bound about, far more irritating than they are helpful. You can't control them, so you just need to let them dominate the screen with their antics as they steal powers you wanted, get in your way and even budge you into enemies and hazards.

Ostensibly, these additional three Kirbys are here to help, but good luck with that. Their AI is an embarrassment, and it's a particular problem when you need one of them to trigger a switch, or a bomb block, or — heaven forbid — help you move something heavy by inhaling it with you. These three Kirbys do not stop moving long enough to realise you need their help, and their inclusion — and necessity — in this game drags the experience down severely.

It was a bizarre enough decision to give Kirby a cell phone in this game (yes, really), and the fact that he uses it to summon these rampaging nincompoops just adds insult to injury. The fact that the cell phone also has a function that causes you to exit the stage immediately makes things even worse: press the wrong button in the heat of the moment and you're back to the start. The third or fourth time this happens, you might start to wonder why you're bothering. We sure did.

The game's not without its charms, though: the presentation is typically strong, with brilliant visuals and music as always. In fact, playing in short bursts can be quite fun: the classic Kirby actions of inhaling enemies and whooping them with their own weapons is as great here as it ever was. Unfortunately the game isn't really structured for short play sessions, what with its maze-like design and long-term goals rather than short, stage-based missions. There are a few mini-games available to play, but without multiplayer support in the 3DS Ambassador version these aren't much fun.

The main appeal of the game is meant to be the exploration, and for many it will be. For us, though, the exploration doesn't feel particularly rewarding, the constant backtracking is unintuitive and dull, and your required companions are a group of hyperactive imbeciles. Fortunately Nintendo would eventually get multiple-Kirby gameplay right in Kirby Mass Attack. This time around, though, consider it one big, well-intentioned misstep.


Kirby & The Amazing Mirror tries to introduce a lot of new things to the series, and because of that it was destined from the start to be a divisive title. Ultimately, though, we feel that the innovations here just aren't particularly fun. Sluggish controls and abysmal AI for your required companions sour the experience, and exploration quickly becomes more of a chore than a reward. Kirby's had his share of ups and downs, certainly, but this is not the game we want to remember him by.

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User Comments (105)



Geonjaha said:

Dear god - a 6/10?
As mentioned below a lot there are factual innacuracies with the review itself...
1) As probably noted, you CAN change your map view by L/R, so this complaint is invalid.
2) This game was designed as multiplayer (it was mentioned in Mario Kart's review so I think its worth mentioning it about this game).
3) The L button needs to be held to be used and its not even close to the R button - its like complaining about pressing any button by accident in any game and using it to put the game down.
4) The Kirby AI is not the best - but they're never actually necessary in the game apart from 1 or 2 times.
5) It's not fair to say the game uses the same story as all the others as a complaint when all other Kirby games do the same and have scored higher than this.
6) I cant really agree about sluggish controls - they've never been a problem for me, and from the comments below it looks like they're not a problem for anyone else. I think you're just looking too hard for issues now.

First time I played this game I enjoyed the exploring a lot. I think this was the first Kirby game to introduce some of the treasure finding. I particularly enjoy getting spraypaint to change Kirby's colour (Grape Kirby FTW).

Also - just wanted to point out "The hidden exits and alternate paths should liven up the experience somewhat, but, in actually, it just manages to hide simple tasks behind tedious backtracking."
I think you meant actuality there. :3



Pandimonium said:

"Worse is that you can't view the map for any level other than the one you're in, making planning a trip impossible without at least a little trial and error."

Actually you can. I have the game cart, and the L/R buttons on the map submenu let you swap between area maps easily.



Chrono_Cross said:

Great review. For me, almost every Kirby is an enjoyable experience. Including this one. I've only sunk around 30 minutes into this puppy, and the complaints you've mentioned are already noticeable.



bonesy91 said:

6 out of 10 seems fair. compared to all other kirby's I've played, this one seems the most bland to me. Probably my 2nd least favorite Ambassador game.



Luffymcduck said:

8/10 for me. I haven´t noticed anything about controls being sluggish and haven´t pressed the wrong button accidentally to a exit a level. I´m glad this was one of the Ambassador games and not Nightmare in Dreamland which has been rerelased so many times. I sold my copy away years ago and it was nice to play this after a while, even though I didn´t enjoy this as much as 7 years ago.



Link79 said:

Oh come on! Isn't a 6 a bit harsh?
I'm playing this for the first time and It's alot of fun.
So it's no Kirby Superstar but still a good game.



Aqueous said:

I'm with Luffymcduck on the score however it took me a while to figure out what I was doing with the level exit but now I found uses for it. I play on occasion because it is fun, however I still need two shards and I'm struggling with Mustard Mountain. Actually this is one of my favourite ambassador games for being so easy to pick up and play. Sometimes those kirbys have helped me by pounding down bosses a bit and using them as a quick recovery item or sometime live also, although useless with buttons they did give away the trick to killing the boss in Carrot Castle and helped me finish it off, after my many deaths there.



Swiket said:

I was definitely going to pick this up, but now I'm just buy-curious.



ejamer said:

What I've heard, and this isn't coming from personal experience, is that this game was much better as a multiplayer experience. Having a few friends work together certainly does sound more rewarding and enjoyable than simply putting up with foolish AI-controlled Kirbys.

Here's hoping the 3DS Virtual Console eventually has multiplayer options included.



StarBoy91 said:

What a shame, as I found Kirby & the Amazing Mirror to be great fun, imo. I'd give it more an 8, but you know, different strokes for different folks. I've always admired how this game was very large and nonlinear. I know that a 6 is not a bad score, but this game got a lower score on this site than I initially thought it was going to (I would've thought it'd be given a 7 or an 8 at the very least).
My ninth favorite Kirby title.

Also, sluggish controls? In what world?? =/



Kid_A said:

Good, honest review. This one's a bit messy by Kirby standards. Still a fun platformer, but it's not his best.



rafaelluik said:

I can't believe this review. Let me just say that: How could you attempt ruin the best Kirby game ever?

1. This isn't a light world / dark world game, you didn't pay attention into the history.
2. Original title: "Kirby of the Stars: The Great Labyrinth of the Mirror" - It's a labyrinth of mirrors, it seems you just wanted the game to be easy? You want the map of a labyrinth where the point of the game is to explore the labyrinth!!!? o.O
3. The other Kirby (AI) do help, but most with enemies. It's you that are saying the other Kirby are there to help to press switches. By making it hard Nintendo pretends that we use the multiplayer feature of the game (but you can end up getting help from them with it if you try enough). Yes, it isn't easy to get them to inhale a big block with you, because they need to be synchronized with you, but you can do it. The thing is: the game was made that way on purpose so it makes your statement of "dumb AI" invalid. I imagine if they were "smart" enough, they'd be a step ahead of you, unblocking the right paths for you and it'd make the game (suck) be a breeze.
4. Cellphone: why can't Kirby have it?
4.1. I don't confuse L and R.

This game has a good plot, new abilities, different movements than the previous series, great music and graphics, exploration, collectible chests, isn't too easy... It's just perfect, I can't believe this 6. :/



ZEROGAME53 said:

Excellent review, but in my opinion Kirby: AM is probably one of my favorite GBA games ever. I'd give it 9/10.



Hyperstar96 said:

Whoa, what?! There are so many inconsistencies in this review that it's not even funny. This easily gets an 8 at LEAST.



Reala said:

Never really liked kirby but this one seems ok a 5 or 6 seems a very fair score to me.



Linkuini said:

I didn't expect the other Kirbys to solve all the switch puzzles for me, but it seems reasonable enough to expect them to help me move a block that's too heavy to move on my own. Instead, they keep jumping around and pushing me into the lava. They're good meat shields, but other than that you can't count on them for anything. It would be a lot easier to ignore the problem if the game wasn't four times harder than most Kirby games I've played.



CapedGodot said:

Really, this is only a review of the 3DS version. In the GBA version, you CAN control the other Kirbys. If you have friends, that is. The main appeal of this game originally was the multiplayer exploration, which was, unfortunately, removed for the 3DS release. For the rerelease, this score may be fair, but as the major complaint was the other Kirbys, it's not quite as accurate for the GBA version.



JayArr said:

Solid and fair review.

I have this game ranked lower myself. It's pretty much the crappiest Metroidvania game I've ever played.



Nanoline said:

I made an account just for this review response - did the reviewer even play the same game that I did? Because he has multiple "facts" about the game entirely wrong.

A. Yes, you CAN switch between maps, use the L and R buttons on the level map screen - it's even labeled right on the map screen that you can do this!
B. This game doesn't take place in Dream Land. It takes place in an alternate Mirror World, which is why you run into an alternate Meta Knight and an alternate Kirby, plus similar-but-different forms of several bosses from previous Kirby games. This is also why there are multiple paths, and with that said the collection aspect is entirely optional anyways and not a part of the main game path.
C. While the AI comments may be justified, the WHINING about the cell phone is just pointless nitpicking of the highest order, and complain about the return-to-home convenience function when the only one causing that problem is your own twitchy fingers is just plain idiotic. Moreover, you need to HOLD DOWN that button in order to make it work, so it's not even something you could have done by momentary accident.

Is Kirby & The Amazing Mirror the best game we could have gotten? Personally I would have preferred Nightmare in Dreamland. But to give it a 6/10 for these listed reasons when every one of them comes from the reviewer either being uninformed, lazy in the use of his eyeballs, or unwilling to memorize simple controls is just plain wrong.



StephenYap3 said:

Deja vu! That's the same score I gave this (and Minish Cap, personally) game long ago! XD

Anyway, I'll be honest people. I do like Kirby and the sandbox concept from Metroid, but they don't fit together as it made Amazing Mirror a tedious easter egg hunt for the bosses. Speaking of the bosses, aside from the final boss, they feel somewhat uninspiring and unfun since I found most of them to be the same bosses from Kirby's Adventure. And to top it all off, the multiple Kirbys concept was disappointing since they wonder all over the place, especially when you just called them, and feel somewhat game-breaking. Also, I absolutely hated on losing abilities by being hit only once, seeing as I loved the Smash ability, though a little game-breaking.

But all of the things above I mentioned are just my opinions. Other than the flaws, Amazing Mirror is still a decent game to play, but not on the 3DS due to no multiplayer functionality.

Edit: I may not enjoy this game as I wanted to, but at least I enjoyed this more than Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland.



KeeperBvK said:

"and exploration quickly becomes more of a joy than a reward"

Is this supposed to be a negative point? I don't get it. Wouldn't a reward just be a way of deriving joy from something, anyway? So getting joy out of it in the first place is better than it to be a reward...



Baga_Jr said:

You didn't mention once that this is a MULTIPLAYER game. I know that the 3DS Ambassador Titles don't include multiplayer, but you could have at least mentioned that the actual point of the other Kirbys was to have fun with your friends, instead of just calling them nincompoops and leave it at that.



Hokori said:

only a 6? aww man I was hoping it would be better, well I guess ill save my eShop money for something else.....



Chris720 said:

6/10? What? I'm playing this for the first time and I'm loving it, the AI companions aren't needed and you can easily do everything on your own.

This game is far better than Super Mario Circuit and F-Zero. Kirby is easily an 8/10 for me.



DarkLloyd said:

pretty sure when the ambassador titles that get release to the public will be updated so u could possibly play online with your freinds with these multiplayer gba games



warioswoods said:

Hmm... well, it's a whole lot better, in my estimation, than the following Kirby games: Dream Land 2, Dream Land 3, Kirby N64.

It doesn't reach the heights of the first Dream Land, Adventure, or Super Star, but that's alright. I'm enjoying it much more than when I previously gave it a go years back.

The cell phone thing is great fun, if you ask me; I love calling them in and just watching the chaos of 4 Kirby's in a boss fight.

The metroidvania style might be frustrating if trying to play straight through, but for quick sessions I'm enjoying it; each time I play,there's another path to follow and new places to visit. Old places I pass through are still fun, thanks to all the abilities I can play around with. Good times.



TKOWL said:

No, 6 is way too low. Loved the open world concept and the layout, I'd give it an 8.



Odnetnin said:

I guess like exactly the opposite things in a Kirby game, because this is my favorite.



Link245 said:

I just couldn't get into this Kirby game. It's not a bad game; it's just super easy (even easier than other Kirby games, if that's possible) and boring. I'd give it a 5.



Dodger said:

I'm saving this one for later. I've put about an hour into it and while I kind of like it, the fact that they chose a multiplayer game for a single player experience baffles me. The AI Kirbys are absolute idiots. I want them to stand still for two seconds on a switch and they immediately run off. I could do that easily with a friend. I have a feeling that until multiplayer is added (if it even is added), 100% completion will be impossible.



Philip_J_Reed said:

You didn't mention once that this is a MULTIPLAYER game.

It's currently not one, which is why it wasn't mentioned.

I'm amazed (pun!) by how many people agree whole-heartedly, and the relatively equal number who accuse me of not having played the game. Reviewing games is truly an experience unlike any other.

Also, @25 wins.



EarthboundBenjy said:

@37 100% completion is definitely possible with one player. I've definitely done it.

Also, about the review, I really can't stand it when factually incorrect information is used as against a game. I think this is a lovely game.

On another note, why would you complain about an instant warp feature anyway? They even went to the trouble of putting a delay into the action, so you wouldn't accidentally warp when you didn't want to.



3Daniel said:

After playing the amazing Squeek Squad its hard to return to this game, free or otherwise, its controls are sluggish, level design bland and the gimmick of four kirbys horrendous. i haven't played return to dreamland yet but i highly recommend squeek squad over this, and over super star ultra for that matter.



odd69 said:

I love this game still got my copy lying around somewhere. I may hook it up on my Gamecube gameboy player and play this bad boy on the big screen!!!



rafaelluik said:

@37. Dodger keep trying to make them press the buttons, use a power to do so, it's possible.

Folks let's not use multiplayer as the big argument for justifying the AI (and thus the low score on 3DS) though, as you'd need a friend, another GBA and another copy of the game.

41. vvaluigi you don't compare controls between games released at different times/systems. I'd like to know what you call sluggish though. (Perhaps the port caused that, as I only played on GBA.)



3Daniel said:

@43 when talking about a series you do. if a mario game were to be released with poorer controls then smb you take note. so in the kirby series theres no reason to not recommend a game in a series over one which suffers bland level design and poor controls. this is just my opinion though and i can see why people would like this game. i played it on gba as well as my 3ds and i stand by my thought that there are better games in the series.



Kid_A said:

Please tell me the Arrested Development reference was intended.

EDIT: **reads comments** YES!



AVahne said:

Just my opinion, I say this game deserves at least an 8/10. I never had problems with the AI or the controls. I don't know if the 3DS port did anything to the game, but this game was pretty nice to play on GBA.



Henmii said:

I didn't expect a 6! I thought this game was regarded as pretty good! Well, I will download it anyway when I get the chance someday!

"It was a bizarre enough decision to give Kirby a cell phone in this game"

Agreed! It gets you out of the fantasy vibe!

"and exploration quickly becomes more of a joy than a reward"

And as we all know, joy is bad. We musn't have any joy!



cheetahman91 said:

I agree with the score. It's alright, but definitely one of the weaker ambassador and Kirby games.



Azaris said:

seriously wth how is this a 6/10 when shantae 2 is a 10(it's good game but come on it's a 7 dollar game that cost 12 dollars)



komicturtle said:

Sluggish controls? What? Kirby's Adventure is sluggish.. This game is fast. And it's my favorite Kirby game of all time, behind Super Star, actually.

Whatever, it's an opinion.. But sluggish? That's just not true... At all..



cyrus_zuo said:

Was glad to see the lower score, I've tried 2x to get into this, but am not digging it so far.
Getting around is a pain I find, forcing me to replay areas as I try to figure out where the exit is that gets me where it looks like I'm supposed to go, I didn't really like the non-linear gameplay in SuperStar and this one is much more that way.
Probably the biggest issue is that I'm REALLY enjoying the new Wii Kirby, and so I wanted this to be more like that, and it isn't. I'm sure it is good in its own right, but not really for me so far, maybe that will change. However, I'm more likely to go to another Ambassador game instead of going back to it, this was the first one I downloaded, b/c I'm playing on the Wii, and it's a bit of a disappointment to me.



Aqueous said:

@Chicken_Brutus - I'll have to remember your name is Philip so I know who it is in future reviews. Prep-haps you just stumbled into your next Metroid, no?



rafaelluik said:

@45. Justus "The nostalgia can blind you" You should consider some people that "had" this game a while ago may still have it and replaying this game up to recently/today or with this release on the 3DS. Nostalgia also is kind of a weak memory thing (remembering only the good moments), what I think isn't a concept that should be applied to teens/adults+.

@52. cyrus_zuo then if it's not your kind of game ("Metroid-like" exploration) you have the right to give it a low score?

PS. I'm not trying to start a discussion with everyone or have the review changed, just replying to some I can't agree, leaving some thoughts...



theblackdragon said:

@rafaelluik: We understand you feel quite strongly about this game, and there may be some niceties lost in translation, but you're coming across as if you're intentionally jumping down people's throats, and there's no reason for that — not when we're all discussing what are essentially our own opinions of a game. Please, it's time to calm down a bit :3



rafaelluik said:

@55. theblackdragon sorry, this is what I meant with my "PS.". In Internet discussions may seem a bit more harsh than they actually are. My comments are simply "direct" not "angry", the lack of the voice tone causes this I think.



Kid_A said:

I was about to disagree with you, Phil, but then I saw that there are words located above that 6/10 that actually explain in great detail your reasoning for giving the game said score! Do all the reviews on this site have words like that? Because that would be pretty awesome.



TheBaconator said:

I agree. Exploration in Kirby games should just be an option for people looking for all collectibles to make the game's replay value increase. Exploration should never be forced in a game of this type.



Odnetnin said:

@37 I've 100%'d the original.

Yeah it's definitely not perfect, but it has a lot of redeeming qualities IMO. The exploration and combat elements are endlessly fun, and the copy abilities add so much to the gameplay.



BulbasaurusRex said:

Keep in mind that a 6 is still a decent score. It says that it's basically a little above average, which without the multiplayer features, it is.

Other than not having any issues with accidently quitting the level, I fully agree with the complaints in this review. The exploration is pretty tedious and nowhere near as fun as in something like the Metroid series. The map system is very confusing. The controls are sluggish. The AI is incredibly stupid, and while useful against bosses, it is nearly impossible to get them to help you push switches and suck up heavy blocks, which is the thing for which their help is required. The multiplayer features aren't included, so the idiotic AI has basically cut you off from many paths of exploration, an extreme no-no in the Metroidvania sub-genre.

Add it all up, and the 3DS version of this game is a little above average, so it deserves a 6.



crazyj2312 said:

I like it. Customizing Kirby's color is a nice treat from time to time. Figuring out the open world is somewhat challenging but enjoyable in my opinion



Kyloctopus said:

I agree with the review. One thing I really hate is that this game was meant for multiplayer with some co op parts that the computer hardly helps.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Kid_A - I know right, aren't words grand? They like, explain the score and everything

It's nice to see debate about a game, brilliant in fact. It's also pleasing that most are responding to the review and the score: for those just reacting to 6/10, please read the whole review, it'll explain a lot. Of course you may disagree with the explanations, but that's the great thing about opinions



Fuzzy said:

I find it interesting how people take review scores so personally.

AR reference wins. I just blue myself.



LordAndrew said:

Though I agree with the review as it applies to the Virtual Console release, I think it's unfair to not even mention that it's a multiplayer game on the GBA. You don't have to review that version, but at least let readers know. They may have an interest in that version.



Hyperstar96 said:

Honestly, this is probably the worst review I've seen on Nintendo Life. And I've been here for about two years D:



Kid_A said:

So MY issue with the game is that it's simply not...err, simple enough. Kirby was always supposed to be a newby-friendly platformer. I love the breezy, easy-going vibe of Kirby's Dreamland, Epic Yarn, etc. This just feels downright unintuitive sometimes, mostly because it's not particularly up front about what game it's trying to be. I spent my first hour playing it like a Kirby game, when I should have been taking a more Metroid-like approach. I guess I just wish it was more straightforward. If they wanted to make a team-based, Metroid-style platformer then they should have just made it. But don't force poor Kirby in there. I'm not saying the series should always be Kirby's Dreamland-style--Canvas Curse and Epic Yarn are arguably the best games in the franchise--I'm just saying, be up front about it, and narrow the focus. This game is trying to be SO many things. And as a result it's all a bit shaky.



Curt said:

Personally, I think the nature of levels in Kirby games, that is, a collection of seemingly unrelated rooms connected by doors which operate on some form of magic, is poorly suited to the large maze-like platforming world that was attempted in this game. In games like metroid, where some continuity between rooms is used to create an overall feeling of the world being one big location, the style works well. While this game was indeed fun to play, I just don't think it manages to pull of what it's attempting to capture with it's world design.



Shadow_Chad6982 said:

i didn't really like this kirby game, and i've played almost all kirby games. i totally agree with this score, though i found nothing wrong with the controls but if multiplayer worked i would bring it up to maybe a 7/10



Philip_J_Reed said:

Swiket in comment 10 actually wins. Go me for making an AD reference and then not recognizing one in return.



chewytapeworm said:

Can't believe the backlash comments in this review. 6 is still above average, and the majority of the review is filled with good things to say about the game. I do however think some scores in the past have been too kind on most games on this site. I must say I haven't noticed the poor controls though. 6/10 is about right for me...



Fuzzy said:

@Chicken_Brutus - haha, when I read your tag line I was like "oh I've heard that before" but it only clicked when I read Swiket's comment. Nice subtle one there.



Vincent294 said:

I got this from the Ambassador Games. Your CPU buddies weren't all too smart, but the controls were okay. 7/10 on my opinion.



retro_player_22 said:

6/10 is just low, to me this game is an 8/10. The lack of multiplayer doesn't bother me as I had trouble finding ppl to multiplay when this was released for GBA as well. Same score then, same score now.



Late said:

I'd give this game a 9/10. Just completed it 100% yesterday. I disagree at some points of this review:

  • You can choose map with L/R.
  • Friends aren't needed in more than one section of the whole game so it doesn't really matter if they're stupid, you didn't need friends in other Kirby games. The point where you need them is right at the beginning in the tutorial stage. Heavy blocks can be moved with Sword and Master Kirby.
  • And I have never called my star to pick me up by an accident. Few times pressed L button and wondered what it does, then I noticed that I have to hold it for a little while. If you're calling your friends to help, you need only press the R button a little and they come. I see no way to accidentally call the star instead as you have to hold the button.

But this is just my opinion and that 6/10 was your opinion so it doesn't really matter that much as I already have the game.



Beechbone said:

Oh well, it's Kirby anyway so I have some fun with it. Ambassador games reminded me how awesome some GBA games were like Wario Land 4, Metroid and Minish Cap. I hope they will bring GBA titles to regular eShop. I'd kill to play Castlevania GBA trilogy on my 3DS.



Luffymcduck said:

Wow, so many comments for a review of old Kirby game.
that is Ambassador title and got 6/10.



ueI said:

My apologies to Philip, but it is clear that his copy of Amazing Mirror is a different game than the Amazing Mirror I have played. I disagree with virtually all of the complaints presented in the review. As was mentioned before, it is possible to switch between maps within a level. Backtracking is hardly necessary with all the warp points that are unlocked. If you think you're lost, walking in the general direction of an unexplored area is bound to lead you somewhere important. It's only the optional rooms required for 100% completion that are hard to find. The Kirby AI is a whole different story. I only had to call them to access about two rooms in the entire game, which is far from "necessary." In those two instances, the AI did exactly what I wanted. The only thing I dislike about the game is the removal of co-op multiplayer, which the reviewer failed to make any mention of. It's not the numerical score I have a problem with, but the words shown above it.



JeanLuc_Vaycard said:

Agree 100% with this review and score. Its exactly what I would give this. Phil do you read my mind at night when I'm sleeping? O_o



Galaxia-Master said:

I like Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, better than F-zero and MarioKart of the ambassadorsprogram. I play Kirby, Yoshi, Mario (VS. DK), Zelda and Wario a lot. Especially Kirby and Zelda. KIRBY FTW!!!



marcandrebill said:

Totally agree. I've played a lot of Kirby so far, and this one is made to play multiplayer. So if you're on your 3DS, you're stuck. Nice review.



ueI said:

How did I not notice your first comment? We pointed out most of the same things! If the reviewer really dislikes backtracking through labyrinthine areas so much, he probably wouldn't like metroid.



Whyio said:

To be totally honest, this game is the only game that's keeping me from regretting getting my 3DS early. It is one of my all-time fave GBA games. Yes, the CPU sucks, but u don't need them really ever. Also, the controls are fine! I have never had a problem with them. And as for the exploration, that is so much fun! I love everything about this game! 10/10



ueI said:

I didn't play Metroid either until It became an ambassador game. I disliked it because I had to start over every time I died. I'm surprised he likes it for the same reasons he dislikes Amazing Mirror. In many ways, Metroid is the worse offender when it comes to frustrating exploration. I will never look at CB the same way again.



Philip_J_Reed said:

Ironically he actually loves metroid...

That's not irony...that's enjoying one game more than another.

I'm surprised he likes it for the same reasons he dislikes Amazing Mirror.

I indeed love Metroid for the abysmal AI that it assigns to its mandatory helper characters, yes.



rafaelluik said:

You know what's funny?
Kirby xxxx is a easy game, people complain. Kirby xxxx is a hard game, people complain.

This review, it doesn't exists in reality!
One of the points where the game is criticized is about the confusion on L and R buttons, where you clearly have to hold the L to get the star and simply touch the R to get your <s>friends</s> other parts of yourself. See, the game even had a solution for confusion. What you did is comparable to simply complaining about using an item in accident instead of drifting in Mario Kart!



milkman12 said:

i dont understand why people even like the kirby series.
first of all, i think its obvious that kirby should be a LOT fatterthan he really is, since he heats so much. i often find myself making jokes about kirby being a canable. he just eats people
~you:"its not canablism if everyone is different""
thats like saying its not canablism if a man eats another man, only they're different races. the fact is, kirby is a canable.
second of all, kirby is way overpowered. whenever he canablizes, he gets powers. when he takes damage, he spits a star out, and if you eat the star, you get the powers back. this would be ok for me, if the powers werent so... too useful. you can use these powers to protect yourself from all over. i mean, the fact that eating a certain enemy can give you the power to create an electric shield to protect all over annoys me that it makes it too easy.maybe if the powers lasted a certain time before they wore off, or if they did less damage,i would be ok with it, but no. the game just puts you in god mode as soon as you pick up the game. KIRBY CAN FLY!!! that reason alone is the reason why i dont pick up a kirby game. i find it offensive that a player is given such control that he/she doesnt even need to play in order to win. your just pushing buttons to fly above all the enemies. THAT IS NOT PLAYING, THATS CHEATING.cheating is NEVER allowed because cheating is what makes a game not fun.

finally, ive come to the point where i lose my top.... KIRBY IS PINK!!! just the fact that Masahiro Sakurai even THOUGHT of doing that means that the only reason for kirby is because he wanted a videogame aimed towards women.
if somebody would open up a thread about kirby, i'd greatly post a series review on it.



rafaelluik said:

@100. milkman12 He shouldn't be fatter, if you really knew about it you'd know when Kirby inhale an enemy it's different than eating (not cannibalism), his belly proprieties or the process isn't explained but it's shown particularly in one or more episodes in the anime that when he inhales an enemy it goes into kind of an universe-like space.
Anyway, what if it was eating? Now jumping in enemies' heads and shotting is a better thing?

It isn't overpowered. It's possible to lose the star which contains the power, it's possible to lose lives in Kirby's games. The spark shield you mentioned doesn't allow you to move while using it.

Kirby can fly, as well as some enemies you see... And the stages aren't open skies at all!
I defy you to finish the game by simply floating through the levels. You'll be hit by something, will need to go down to get a power to continue, you can't defeat bosses with the air that's expelled from him, etc.

Seriously just because he's pink? And then you can forget the facts that happen in the game, the powers, don't you think there are elements that please boys too? You even just said he's a cannibal, this is a "boy thing" .
It was a meaningful sexist thing to say. But you're right, there aren't boys/men who play Kirby, they don't exist. I don't know how I'm writing this because I don't exist!



milkman12 said:

WELL, the anime was created in october, 2001. the original kirby was released in april,1992. the fact that it took 9 years for an explanation(depending on the episode's air date) makes the explanation irrelevent to the 9 years before the explanation. .but inhaling is still a factor of consuming, which means he is still, in a way, nom nom nom-ing on enemies.
yes, kirby is INDEED overpowered. while i only mentioned one power, the fact that it provides all around protection makes it a "noobish" tool, whether you can move or not. if thhe enemies had a larger HP, then i would be fine with the powers.but the sinple fact that a player can just sit in a position and use a power to stay safe, makes it overkill. there are other powers too. take for example, the "fire power". it gives players the ability to roast enemies. anyways, my point is, the powers do too much damage. maybe its because the enemies are so weak that the powers do too much damage, but that simple fact means that its too easy to win if you can kill enemies with powers. and if you take damage, it would EXTREMELY please me if you wouldnt spit the power out. that just gives the player the ability to regain HER only means of survival. once the player inhales the star, they have their old power back. THAT irratates me that Masahiro Sakurai even put that in there. its as if you didnt do anything wrong in the first place. losing health means that youve lost done something wrong and you need to use caution from that point on. but since the game is too easy, health isnt a problem. instead, you should lose your power-up.
YES, im aware that some enemies can float. but you mentioned that you need a power-up to fly ["be hit by something, will need to go down to get a power to continue"] but that is WRONG. ive played kirby games(only to write a decent review.), and i know that you dont need a power-up to fly. and by "he/she doesnt even need to play in order to win.", i meant that for the majority of the game. when you fight a boss every once in a while, you need to absorb a power to stand a chance. thats ok, because bosses carry with them a decent amount of health, and a power-up is necessary. but these bosses only come once in a while. the majority of the entire game is just weak enemies that can be floated right over. as some enemies fly, they are easily avoidable.
AND FINALLY, you said:
you:"You even just said he's a cannibal, this is a "boy thing"
does THIS look like a game aimed towards boys?
and that last sentence= APPROVAL.



rafaelluik said:

@102. milkman12 It took 9 years for an explanation because people simply didn't cared to ask!!

Do you like Mario? A stomp is enough! Now what are those weak enemies you're talking about? You can't even jump on them!

"you mentioned that you need a power-up to fly ["be hit by something, will need to go down to get a power to continue"]"
No, sorry, I meant you'd need to go down to get a power you need to advance in the game (or access some places), to press switches, get into doors, etc...

"does THIS look like a game aimed towards boys?"
Hum, it has mixed graphics for me.



BitingScarfy said:

First of all, it's "cannibal", not canable.
The enemies aren't even close to being real people. Originally, Sakurai intended for Kirby to be yellow. And while you CAN fly, many times floating goes way to slow to defeat some enemies, and floating leaves you extremely vulnerable. Besides, no one's seen a pink character before, not in that time.
So maybe Kirby is "overpowered". But if that was such a problem, then the games wouldn't even still exist today. The Kirby games were most likely intended to be that way. Just because it isn't challenging enough for you doesn't mean it's a terrible game to play when you're bored. They're supposed to be light-hearted and bright, and targeted towards kids. I'm not sure if you would like playing, say, Ninja Gaiden Black or Demon's Souls every single day without prevail, huh?



FriedSquid said:

I know this review is old, but after playing this and having such a dreadful experience with it, I had to make sure I wasn't the only one. Absolutely spot-on review, I couldn't agree with it more.

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