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Animal Crossing Calculator Review

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Posted by Corbie Dillard

The Animal Crossing theme adds charm to this basic application - but is it ultimately enough to justify the cost?

With the popularity of the applications available for Apple's iPhone, it comes as no real surprise to see Nintendo releasing apps for their DSi system. Animal Crossing Calculator takes the standard calculator function and builds an Animal Crossing-themed DSi application around it. At first glance it's difficult to gauge how practical an application a calculator program would be for a game system like the DSi, especially considering most people already own several calculators of their own (and devices such as mobile phones come pre-loaded with such features), but Nintendo has managed to toss in a useful unit conversion function that does at least add a little value to the package.

The calculator program itself features pretty much your basic set of calculation tools. You have your addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division functions as well as a percentage calculator. Of course the standard set of memory functions are also available as well. It's nothing overly fancy, just your basic everyday calculator with a cute Animal Crossing theme tacked on for good measure.

The program features a full set of calculator buttons on the DSi touchscreen and a 13-digit readout where your inputs and totals will display on the top screen. As a nice bonus, you even get a History Box that displays every computation you've made. You can even use the "L" and "R" shoulder buttons to scroll back and forth through the History Box if need be. It's a small touch, but a useful one nonetheless. You'll also get a Memory Box at the very top of the top screen that shows any numerical figures you have placed into the memory function.

While the calculator functions are the focus of the application, it's the bonus Unit Conversion tool that proves to be the program's best overall feature. The application provides unit conversions for length, weight, volume, time, area, speed, temperature, and age. And each conversion tool features all of the various measurements, both standard and metric. You can even toggle between the various measurements with just a simple click of a button on the touchscreen. It's that simple.

The application is called Animal Crossing Calculator for a reason. Nintendo has carefully added in a few audio/visual tidbits from their Animal Crossing series to give the whole package a little more charm and personality. While it's nothing over-the-top, it will probably add a bit of appeal to the application for fans of the series. The top screen where your calculations are displayed features a border of tree leaves, not to mention a readout display presented in chalkboard-style writing. To further push the Animal Crossing theme Nintendo has also included the cute animal voices we've all gotten used to hearing throughout the various Animal Crossing releases. Each time you press a number key on the touchscreen, you'll hear the number announced in a cute animal voice. You'll even hear the familiar ringing sound when your calculations are tallied up.


It's difficult to judge an application like Animal Crossing Calculator. While the program itself is quite well executed, it's still basically just a standard calculator, and most people already own at least one of those in some shape or form. The unit conversion tool is a nice bonus but it still feels like this basic application would have been better suited as a freebie instead of costing the 200 Nintendo Points it retails for. At the very least it should have been bundled with the Animal Crossing Clock program that debuted alongside it on the DSiWare service. If you think the unit conversion tool would be useful for you, this application might prove to be worth it, but for everyone else who already owns a calculator, you'll likely find this a waste of 200 Nintendo Points.

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User Comments (35)



Gizmo said:

It is sad to see that there are no functions to calculate complex tasks, for example to extract the root.



Objection said:

About what I expected. Mentioning a package with it and the clock was a good idea, but even then, I think this should have been a freebie to reward people for buying their system...since there's not much on the service still.



Toddr said:

Corbie, you amaze me. I can't even write that much for an essay.



metakirbyknight said:

I`m buying this on my DSi (which I`m typing on now) for the conversion calculator, and to prove my point from my post on the main page for this app, not game, app, but still need.



warioswoods said:

I'll wait for the Super Mario Bros calculator since I don't care for Animal Crossing, but I'm certainly one of those who has no problem with the $2 price tag. If you were walking through a random thrift store and saw a Nintendo-themed calculator for $2, wouldn't you pick it up without hesitation?



Objection said:

@wariowoods-For some of us, the difference between having a physical version and a digital version of the same thing is what makes it worth it or not, especially when you're talking about buying something for its aesthetics (aka the Mario skin of the calculator.)



Token_Girl said:

I too must commend you for being able to write enough for a full review. Good thing nintendos "not directly competing with apple" though, because the unit conversion sounds useful. I think I'll download a FREE unit conversion app to suppliment the built in calculator on my iPhone.




I think most people will prefer the Mario version of this if they want to get software like this. I think its a bit cheeky this application isn't free like the internet browser.

It doesn't matter to me whether iPhone has a free one or not, it still should be free as a dsiware download.

I'd get the mario clock and calc for definate if they were free.



Rocky said:

I think the 5 score is a little tough on it for being what it is. As you described it is a very slick little application and at only 200 points I would call it a must-have for any DSi owner that is a dedicated AC fan.



motang said:

Not getting this. Super Mario Calcumalator, plz?

I second that motion!



SmaMan said:

Unit conversion is cool, but if it could do y=m(x)b graphing it would be cooler!

But I still probably wouldn't get it, I have a TI-80x Graphing Calculator for both of those things, and you can even download additional apps to that!

EDIT: Actually, its a TI-83



Mix said:

Yeah I agree that if they made it more complex it would be great for people in school. Now if they made it a graphing calculator, that would replace TI's pretty fast. lol

Mario is cooler.



Hardy83 said:

Once again, Nintendo takes an idea that could've been good and just doesn't do enough.

This should've been a full fledged TI calculator with graphic, exponents and other such utilities. The conversion is nice, but it needs more.



metakirbyknight said:

If this had all the stuff your TI calculators have I would pay $10 for it, gladly and I would buy the Mario one too.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

@metakirbyknight: lol, same here.

The conversion was a nice touch, though. Converting human years to dog years isn't something you're able to do on many calculators, that's for sure!



SmaMan said:

Yeah, considering that a new TI-83 or higher will run you at least $80, this would've been a steal at $2. Heck, Texas Instruments might have to go out of business if THAT happened. Hehe.



StbAn said:

I'm a big fan of Animal Crossing so when I get my DSi I will but this apps



Hardy83 said:

@ metakirbyknight

Yes, yes I can. lol
When calculators are free on virtually every single handheld known to man. That $2 better go a long way, and I personally don't think an Animal Crossing theme, and a unit converter is worth $2.

Or at the very LEAST, they could've bundled this with the AC clock for $2. lol I mean, seriously, a $2 clock/alarm when the DSi already has one.



SmaMan said:

You're right Hardy. If you ever go to a job fair or a college fair, usually they'll give you a free calculator with the company/college emblem on it.

And let's not forget the free ones on the computer you are using right now...



metakirbyknight said:

Please complain about the clock on the clock's page. Don't want, don't buy. I will spend my money as I see fit. As I have said in another comments page, I will buy this, the mario calculator, the clock and the mario clock in support of fun useful little apps.



Chunky_Droid said:

I'll definitely get the Mario version of this, I love unit conversion, a little dissappointed you can't even extract a square root, but I'll get over it

EDIT: I can't wait until Corbie reviews the Mario versions of these, no copy/pasting!



Kid_A said:

If Nintendo wants to compete with Apple in the Apps department, then it needs to offer FREE apps. That's the main appeal of the apple apps store.



StarDust4Ever said:

As an engineering student, this calculator, as well as any non-scientific, like the typical 8-digit displays, are useless to me. If it doesn't use floating point scientific notation or have trig, log, and exponent functions, it's pretty much useless. Heck, even the cheapie 8-digit solar display that my mom uses includes a square root key as a bonus

Still, the unit converter may be useful in some instances, but I'll give it a pass...



Kyloctopus said:

(Weird no one has commented dor this thing for now a year. No one will probably not read this comment this is actually some calculator and I use my ds alot so the chances are that my mom (Who isn't good at math) will be like "Koops, how old is the dog if he's 7 human years?" and I will go to my calculator "49". I give this an 8/10



paperskyx said:

I'd also like to note that if you happen to make a calculation that results in a number that contains all of the same digits (444, 222, etc) balloons fly around your screen, Tom Nook shows himself, and it plays a celebratory tune. I was a tad confused when I entered 333 + 333 and the game's reaction to "666" was music and balloons.



DemonnPrincess said:

I dunno...it's a neat little feature, but I dunno...a calculator? Maybe it could come in handy. I like that you can track your history. That's kinda neat...I guess...

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