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Strong Bad Episode 3 - Baddest of the Bands Review

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Does Strong Bad’s third WiiWare outing rock as much as the plot?

The third part of Strong Bad’s episodic series is pretty much the same as the previous two. You’ll visit various locations and obtain a variety of items, which you must use on the correct objects to advance the plot.

The plot in this episode is just what you’d expect from the web cartoon - Strong Bad’s beloved Fun Machine breaks down, meaning he can’t play any videogames, and just when he got a new game as well! A quick visit to Bub’s place informs Strong Bad that he’ll need one big sack of cash to pay for the repairs.

Thankfully, Strong Bad is a master of cunning plans, and he quickly thinks of one: after seeing an advertisement for a contest - the prize of which is a meet and greet session with his favourite band, Limozeen - he gets the idea of organizing a rock concert (or a Battle Royale of the Bands, as he calls it). According to Bubs, signing up three bands and organizing security, plus a celebrity judge panel, should cover the costs of the repairs.

As in the previous episode, you’ll visit numerous places from the previous instalments. The Field, Strong Bad’s house, Club Technochocolate and others return, including new areas - for instance, you can now access Strong Mad’s bedroom in Strong Bad’s house, and you can enter Marzipan’s house instead of lingering around the yard.

You can probably imagine how ridiculous the bands you need to sign up are. If you watched the game’s preview in the previous episode, you’ll know that the Cool Tapes, consisting of Marzipan, The Cheat and Strong Mad, are one band, but the other two bands will have to be “formed” before they can be contracted. Eventually there is a fourth band as well – but we’re not going to ruin the surprise by revealing who it consists of.

The game’s length is around the same as the other two episodes – two to three hours and you’ll be done with the main game. You then unlock extended play, although there’s really nothing new to do in it except having some new conversations. Sadly, unlike the previous episode, which had three minigames (an improvement on the two included in the first episode) this instalment only has a single minigame!

There’s a Teen Girl Squad comic again, but this time, it’s automatically written, with no involvement from the player. That means there’s no make-your-own-comic game, so if you were looking forward to that you’re going to be disappointed. The only game you can play is Strong Bad’s new game for the Fun Machine – Limozeen: Hot Babelian Odyssey. Like the previous “retro” games this parodies certain classic games – in this case, multiple shoot ‘em ups. You fly Limozeen’s spaceship around, blasting multiple clones of Nebulon (nobody likes his style!) and rescuing the titular hot babelians with your tractor beam. It’s a pretty shallow game, but it offers some entertainment.

As can be expected, the humour is at a typical Strong Bad level: aside from a cameo appearance by a certain monster lurking in Strong Mad’s closet, you will have to create the coolest album cover ever, make Coach Z commit crimes, and even help Homestar to sing!


Baddest of the Bands sticks with the same formula seen in the previous two episodes and it's still as entertaining as it ever was. Sadly, this episode doesn’t offer any improvements and if you didn’t like any of the other titles then it's not likely to make the entire 'Strong Bad' concept suddenly appeal to you. On the other hand, if you giggled your way through the other two episodes and had a whale of a time, then you simply cannot go wrong here.

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User Comments (30)



Bass_X0 said:

That was quick. Not been interested in any of the other games though.



Dazza said:

Marcel's been quite privileged to have had a few weeks to perfect his 'style' on the press copy which Telltale provided us with



Wiiloveit said:

If only there was a guitar hero piss-take as a mini game. I must say that I'm not as interested with this episode now as I first was.



Stuffgamer1 said:

As long as new episodes continue to not have the stupid wide screen glitch from the first game, I'm more than happy to play them.

@BassX0: If you're not interested in the series, it stands to reason that you're not at fan of the flash cartoon. In my opinion, any fan of the show should LOVE these games!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

Although I appreciate this review, I would've like it if the reviewer went into touching on the language and violence found within the game, depending on the rating of E10+ or Teen.

I've only played Episode 2 and I'm still not done but it was really funny. I don't think I'll give this one a go, though, unless I hear something that changes my mind.

Great, quick review. It was obvious you have an advanced copy.



Wiiloveit said:

@Stuffgamer1: Actually, the system froze for me the first time I played Math Kickers Vs Algebros in E2. I think I went straight for the guy in the bottom right. Whatever I did, it didn't happen again.



i_am_error said:

Both Episode 1 and Episode 2 were great, but they were glitchy. Actually, I cannot finish Episode 2 at 100% since it crash at a key point. So, I think I'll wait for this one.



lucario13 said:

Im sooo gettin this, i dont care if its not different. As long as its funny im happy...and theres no strategy board game.



Ren said:

@: knucklesonic
I'm not sure I get what the issue is about language and violence in Strongbad. Is that a general request for reviews or just for Strongbad? I always found SB to be particularly tame compared to ALL other modern video games. Sure the humor is for an older audience but only in that younger kids just wouldn't get the jokes, I've never found anything particularly violent or vulgar, though. I don't mean to be critical, I'm just curious about your take on it.



KnucklesSonic8 said:

There's no issue. It's just I feel it should be addressed and highlighted within the review. Especially within the first SB Game since it's rated Teen and Episode 2 is E10+ and the language is very mild. As for violence, I'm generally against violence but from what I've seen thus far in Episode 2, there's little-to-none that would be classified as worth getting into. It's just I was very skeptical to get a SB Game in the first place because of the descriptors. And others have mentioned that they're not certain as to the type of content that's found within the SB Games that may be considered offensive. And don't compare SB to "other modern video games". That's a bit premature. Take it for what it is and don't compare it to other games.

To answer your question, it's a request for Strong Bad. But when Animales de la Meurte/Animals of the Dead comes out, it'll need to be especially addressed...

And what's this about a glitch in Episode 2?!



Gitaroo_Dude said:

I'll be downloading this later today after my last midterm.

I had the privilege of testing it, and while I think Episode 2 has a better story overall, Ep. 3 has the better "Whoa, that's awesome scenes." Especially Homestar's musical number and re-creating the album cover.



y2josh said:

all three of these sb games have looked rather boring to me, but just my opinion. glad nothing i wanted came out for the vc or ww, gives me time to finish smrpg and start on mana



Nintendude92 said:

The humor in strong bad is just a little more complex, not necessarily for an older audience. There is nothing Vulgar in these games. Strong bad 1 got a T because you steal homestar's clothes. The most vulgar thing you'll here is "crap" once in a blue moon or "ugly stick"

Fans of the series will catch every reference. Anyone else will just be a little tripped up.



Objection said:

@Knuckles-The descriptors for episode 2 and 3 are very similar so they should have around the same content. This episode sounds like it is the weakest of the first 3.



AlexSays said:

People need to stop whining about the language and so-called offensive content. Find out why the game was rated what it was rated, and go from there.
It's not a reviewer's job to break down and analyze the rating given by the ESRB.

I'm surprised people are complaining over such a silly thing.

Sonic says -- It's just I feel it should be addressed and highlighted within the review.
Well that's good and all..
Ren says -- I've never found anything particularly violent or vulgar, though.

Surely it'd be nice if the reviewers talked about everything NOT in the game, but that'd just get tedious.



soniczelda_dude said:

I hope this is released at retail with all five episodes after the series is complete, because it just takes up way too much memory to try to download all of the episodes. After all, if Telltale wasn't planning to really change anything in subsequent episodes, then what's the point of relaesing the episodes one by one on Wiiware?!



MarkyVigoroth said:

Does it seem that none of the Strong Bad episodes are designed to recruit new Strong Bad fans?

By the way, what is that cameo monster?



Ren said:

Worked on me. I didn't know what strongbad was before I played the first game, but I'm a pretty big fan now. It is weird that they don't really push their own website in the game much. I still had to hunt a little to find the homestar site and link to the videos. Some of the videos are so classic it might even be cool if they just tied them in and then used them as cut scenes, I wouldn't mind that. I guess that would take a lot of space, though. @knuckles I understand your hesitation, maybe you want to keep your kids from the hideous stuff, but I do think it's worth noting that a whole lot of non-puzzle games these days are extremely brutal , so a return to this classic, more tame "exploration and humor" format is commendable. Theres a huge difference between the visible extreme violence that many games employ and the silly verbal threats, shenanigans and quirky humor of SB games and videos, while still being engaging. This sets a nice precident for other "story challenged" games.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@fco.: I figured it at 7.something blocks per MB (did the math when I got my new SD card a couple weeks ago). Which means that this episode, if you do the math, comes to 8.025 blocks per MB, or over the "limit." I don't know this is just now being brought up, though. Episode one was 319 blocks, and two was 320. So basically, the who series is over the limit.

@Ren: I had a similar experience. I took a link to from an announcement for the game series, and got hooked before episode one even came out! Now I've bought all their DVD's, a couple shirts, and an awesome Trogdor hoodie! I don't know that they're making many new fans of people who start with the games, but the announcement sure did it for me!



KnucklesSonic8 said:

I had a comment all typed up but then my connection timed out. Ugh. XD
Lemme see if I can remember it all...

@Alex Says = First off, don't reference me with "Sonic". If you're gonna reference/quote me, call me Knuckles, or ks8 in the future. But names aside, if it was mentioned at the outset of the very first SB Game something along the lines of "Although the Teen descriptor given by the ESRB seems to indicate a game filled with older adult content, do not let this deter you. The language is very mild even for a 10 year old, and the violence is very innocent". That way, I wouldn't have been so skeptical (or raised an eyebrow) at the first SB Game. But since both Episodes 2 and 3 are E10+ (I'm assuming Ep. 3 is...), I don't really care. And for the record, I wasn't "whining" and this doesn't change my views about the review. It's good. But anyway, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for having such high moral standards because clearly, that's something lacking in today's society.

@Ren = I'm 18. <_<

Anyway, enough of this ESRB talk. XD
I was just wondering how Episode 3 compares to Episode 2. I'm not really sure if I should give it a go or not. I'm not done Episode 2 and I deleted it for room and I was stuck anyway. But I enjoyed it. It made me laugh at many points in the game. I was just wondering if Episode 3 is stronger or weaker than Episode 3 content and length-wise. The review is a tad vague in that regard. So I was just wondering if I could have a player's opinion.



Dazza said:

@ks8 - The review appears to touch on the length of the game to me, what am I missing here?

The game’s length is around the same as the other two episodes – two to three hours and you’ll be done with the main game.

I really don't get where you are coming from on the whole adult content thing. Strong Bad is about as harmless as a Garfield cartoon, I can't see how it could offend anybody! If you want moral reviews then head on over to Guide 2 Games, where the reviews get a special 'Christian rating'



AlexSays said:

I'm sorry for having such high moral standards because clearly, that's something lacking in today's society.
What in the world?
Usually I can understand a point someone is trying to make, but you're not giving me much to work with.

I'm not sure how you have high moral standards by wanting a gaming review to talk about something not in the game.
That's like me saying I'm smart because I think ESPN should talk more about my favorite pastries.

Oh, and you can call me Alex. I like to keep things simple.



Wiiloveit said:

^ I'm sorry, but unless WWW let me change my username, you'll always be x.SuperMario.x to me.

@Dazza: that website is pretty funny. How on earth did you find it?



Dazza said:

@WiiloveitOnline - If you want to change your username to TimmyMallett we can make your dream happen for you!

I just Googled "moral reviews", there are several Christian sites which give similar ratings on moral aspects of videogames. I wonder if any of them even bother with GTA4 or steer clear on principle?!



Wiiloveit said:

@Dazza: TimmyMallett? Nah, just "Wiiloveit" will do - my current name's too long and annoying. As for the Christian 'site: I checked for GTA and couldn't find it. I did post "Hello thar, Christian peeps. What up?" on their message board, though.

Added: Wait a second........ something's different all of a sudden. Holy poo! My avatar change worked! No - wait. It's not that. Hand on a second... my user-name is six characters shorter.

x.SuperMario.x is now officially dead. Long live AlexSays! I mean... Alex. (keeping it simple)



WiiMan192 said:

The most offensive content I've found on H* is SBEmail 35. Though funny, there's a bit of a reference in there:
"...and show it to my kids. The ones I SHOULD be having with Ali and Ali's sister!..."
Apart from that, there's the word crap

It's a spooky picture of some demonic being which spends its time in Strong Mad's closet, saying "Come on in here!!!" to anyone game enough to open the closet door

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