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It's a sad day! Strong Bad's Fun Machine has broken down, which means he can't play his new game - Limozeen: Hot Babelian Odyssey. Bubs is the only one who knows how to repair Fun Machines, but he asks for a hefty fee - One big sack of cash.

Strong Bad quickly thinks of a plan to get the money - Organize a Battle Royale of the Bands and rake in the profits. It's a daunting task however - Strong Bad has to enlist three different bands, and he has to arrange security, plus a celebrity judge panel!

All characters from the previous episodes (Including Homsar) return, with an added "appearance" by Strong Bad's favourite fictional band, Limozeen.

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Posted by Marcel van Duyn

Does Strong Bad’s third WiiWare outing rock as much as the plot?

The third part of Strong Bad’s episodic series is pretty much the same as the previous two. You’ll visit various locations and obtain a variety of items, which you must use on the correct objects to advance the plot.The plot in this episode is just...

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User Comments (16)



Vortex99 said:

W00t first comment!

Anyway, this is yet another time when the next episode of SBCG4AP is announced when the previous episode isn't released yet...



Wiiloveit said:

This one looks so much better than episode two - and that's just from the above description. I'm so happy
Hopefully episode two will be out this Friday over here, although the lack of a release this week in the US makes it seem unlikely. NEED MORE SB!!!



Drake said:

@ Vortex: We get a review copy (PC) of each episode one or two weeks before they release it to the public. As you may know each episode has a preview of the next one.

That's all I'm allowed to say



Super_Sonic said:




andy836 said:

kool looks like thier getting better and better so i'll probably just get the last one.



Stratos said:

Sounds like a good set-up for SB comedic gold. I am excited that the entire series seems to be moving along now without much of a hitch.



Objection said:

My friend loves this series so much that he brings his Wii over to download each episode (since he doesnt have WIFI). He'll be so happy to hear episode 2 is almost here and episode 3 is titled.



Damaho said:

I've just watch the trailer for episode 3 and it's brilliant! I can't wait till it gets out on Wiiware in Europe (One Month to go... Well, Episode 2 came out really late in Europe... If I have luck it will come out in less than one month^^).



Ian_Daemon said:

Ep 1 was fun, but I thought Ep 2 was more fun than Ep1 and Ep3 sounds like it will be more fun than Ep2... geesh... money WELL spent.



NNoah95 said:

Telltale's just sucking my money out of my wallet...and I mean that in a good way! Not the gross corporate kind of way.



WiiMan192 said:

Yup. I'm devastated. It wasn't released this WiiWare Update, the last update, OR the one before that This is getting kinda ridiculous

  • mad *


Wiiloveit said:

According to TellTale, the game was sent for approval in Europe at the same time as in the US of A - making it Nintendo's fault that the game is so late. ROAR.



MexicanJonny10 said:

this is the only episode im getting because i heard in the NINTENDO POWER magazine review that this was the best of the series

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