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  • Video Take A Look At Some Awesome Limited Edition Mega Man Merchandise in Japan

    Lots of Rockman goodness

    In conjunction with the release of Rockman Classics Collection (Mega Man Legacy Collection in the West), Capcom started to release some items related to the game. I thought it'd be neat to collect some of these relatively rare items and share them with you. One of them is the "Rockman Classics Collection Fanbook", which...

  • News retroUSB's HDMI NES, the AVS, is Heading for a Summer Release

    Priced at $185 and touting support for all current and future carts

    There's still a sizeable group of gamers that derive great pleasure from playing retro games on their original systems. Getting the best out of these old titles, though, is always a challenge. Systems driven by emulation and impressive HDMI mods are available to give the NES a...

  • News A 15 Year Old Patent Shows A Nintendo Phone That Never Was

    Game Boy titles were seemingly considered

    With Nintendo and DeNA actively working on multiple phone apps, and with the big N having a financial interest in the likes of Pokémon Go, the concept of the company's games on mobile devices is no longer fanciful. The company has also filed multiple patents over the years for emulators and actual...

  • News Turns Out The Guy Behind Final Fantasy Loves Fire Emblem Too

    Check out this vintage interview with Hironobu Sakaguchi

    Fire Emblem may have taken its sweet time finding fame in the west, but it's been a popular franchise in its native Japan since the days of the Famicom. In fact, it's such an influential series that Hironobu Sakaguchi - the creator of Final Fantasy - claims that he had to resist playing it...

  • Video Fans Recreate Super Smash Bros. Melee's Opening

    Retuning the nostalgia chords

    It's often touted that the opening video to Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo GameCube is one of the greatest video game intros that Nintendo has produced. It was a video that set the scene for the excitement to come, all the while showcasing the all-star cast that Nintendo had to offer. It's even often used as a...

  • Video This Unpronounceable NES Title Was Pretty Tough For Kids Back In 1990

    "Swing, jump, jump and swing"

    If you're a long-time follower of the site then you'll already be aware of the work of Tyler Esposito, the brains behind the excellent YouTube channel. A seasoned gamer with a love of both Nintendo and Sega, Esposito is in the unique position of having many of his childhood gaming habits recorded for...

  • Feature The Making Of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

    Good dino, nice dino

    When it comes to the Nintendo 64 and first-person-shooters, there are two titles that have become synonymous with the genre: GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark. While these classics rightfully deserve their place among the greats, the Turok series has largely fallen into obscurity, which is a crying shame when you consider that...