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  • Video Rare Reminisces on the Development of It's Mr. Pants

    "We decided to have a menagerie of animal and bird noises to reward you"

    Rare is a studio that's always been known for being one of the most prolific and beloved developers on Nintendo consoles during the 16 and 64 bit eras. Responsible for classics like the Donkey Kong Country series, Banjo-Kazooie, Goldeneye 007, and more, the studio's resume is...

  • News retroUSB's HDMI NES, the AVS, Goes Up for Pre-Order

    Supports all NES / Famicom cartridges

    A while ago we told you about retroUSB's HDMI NES, the AVS, a rather slick-looking console that promises a 720p output and support for all current and future NES / Famicom cartridges. It's now close to release, with pre-orders going live over on the official website. The general pitch is that this hardware...

  • Video Watch Super Mario World Get Beaten in Under 16 Minutes, Blindfolded

    Panga strikes again for a World Record

    World Records may be tumbling in the Olympic Games in Rio, but there are also new marks to be set in the speedrunning community. Panga, who we've featured in the past thanks to his outrageously complicated Super Mario Maker creations, has reclaimed the record for the fastest blindfolded run of Super Mario...

  • News Nintendo Issues Takedown Notices for Impressive Fan-Made Metroid II Remake, AM2R

    Oh, Nintendo

    Over this past weekend Metroid fans had a fan-made effort to thank for providing a welcome celebration of the franchise with AM2R, rather jokingly being an abbreviation for Another Metroid 2 Remake. Sadly, and predictably, Nintendo has reacted to the overwhelming positivity and broad coverage of the four year project by shutting it...

  • News ​Metroid Composer Shares Personal Note About the 30th Anniversary

    Also, a cool Metroid montage track

    The Metroid series has always been known for crafting an effective atmosphere, there's just no other game that manages to capture that same sense of creepy isolation. Environment design plays a large role in this, but the soundtrack also contributes in no small way. Considering that we just passed the 30th...

  • News The Mini NES Classic Edition May Have Some Neat Display Modes

    That plug-in Virtual Console experience

    Through Virtual Console formats and even the neat retro Mario amiibo effect in Super Mario Maker (sort of), Nintendo has mastered alternative display options with a retro look. From smoothing of DS games on Wii U to the native resolution feature for SNES games on New 3DS, there are often simple options to view...

  • Video Exploring The Funky Inspiration for the Super Mario Bros. Underground Theme

    Time to dig out a record from 1979

    The music in Super Mario Bros. is just about as iconic as it gets in gaming, with gamers of various ages and types familiar with the soundtrack. The underground theme is one of the most well-known, with a funky bass beat kicking it off. Our buddies from The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge (England)...

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    Wii U eShop / TG-16

    Review R-Type

    More like our type

    You can't have a conversation about shoot-'em-ups, or shmups, without mentioning R-Type. Back in the late '80s and early '90s the game was synonymous with the genre. Unfortunately for Nintendo fans at the time one of the best ports of the arcade classic was on the TurboGrafx-16, an also-ran console that never found its place in...

  • News A NES Classic Mini is up for Grabs in Nintendo UK's #ILoveNES Competition

    8-bit in 140 characters

    The Nintendo Classic Mini: Nintendo Entertainment System (or Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition in North America) is likely to be found in quite a few stockings this festive season, and based on the frenzy that accompanied the announcement it could be a tussle to get hold of a unit. Yes, it has games that many...

  • News ​Super Mario Adventures is Being Reprinted as a Graphic Novel

    Available this fall

    Before the days of the internet, Nintendo Power was the source for all news and secrets about Nintendo. While all those pages held invaluable information for the time, they also played home to some entertaining comic strips, such as Howard & Nester and Super Mario Adventures. Naturally, it's relatively difficult for fans of...

  • Random Influential Music Publication, Pitchfork, Showcases 'Musical Gems' from the Nintendo 64

    Quite right, too

    It's common for sites like this one to write with great fondness about platforms like the Nintendo 64, but an article we've seen doing the rounds on social media shows that publications in various genres have an appreciation for gaming's contributions to various areas. Pitchfork, one of the largest and most influential publications...

  • Feature Custom Consoles, Retro Delights And Mario Kart Mastery At The Second Nintendo Life Gaming Night

    Hosted at The Centre for Computing History, Cambridge

    We had such a blast meeting you lovely people at the inaugural Nintendo Life Gaming Night last year, that it was a no-brainer to team up again with our chums at the Centre for Computing History in Cambridge, England and do another event. Thanks to everyone who joined us on Saturday 30th July...

  • Retro Bask in Nostalgia With The Nintendo Power Archive

    Now you're browsing with power

    When you consider iconic imagery from Nintendo's earlier days in North America, in particular, there's a good chance that Nintendo Power magazine will spring to mind. From memorable covers to quirky features, to cut-out crafts and posters, it was a key part of many young gamer's regular routine; in the pre-internet...

  • News SNES PlayStation Prototype Set to Feature At Game On Expo

    Gaze upon the system that would have changed gaming history

    As the video game industry continues to evolve in unexpected ways, its increasingly lengthy history continues to be a relevant and intriguing topic for many. Across 40-50 years of mainstream video gaming there's plenty to learn about, and for Nintendo aficionados the so-called 'SNES...

  • Video Learn Some Handy Metroid Glitches

    Skip those pesky boss fights

    Glitches remain an important part of games for enthusiasts and speed runners, with unintended gaps in code or system limitations allowing those with the know-how to do strange things. Sometimes you can skip entire areas, defeat an enemy easily, or just make something look cool. There's a mix of techniques in the latest...

  • News ​Video: Check Out This Long Lost Third Party N64 Development Tool

    It's only sort-of piracy

    Nintendo has come a long way in terms of openness with developers for its consoles. Nowadays, anybody with a laptop and some time is welcome to submit a game on the eShop, and there are more tools than ever to help realize this goal. It hasn't always been that way, however, as Nintendo used to require certain standards of...



  • Video Welcome To The Hellish Glitch That Allows Speedrunners To Beat Super Mario Land 2 In Minutes

    Stepping into the Mario Matrix

    Speedrunners are obsessed with finishing games in the fastest time possible, but they don't always play fair - any glitches in a game which allow the player to complete it in a faster time are considered by many to be perfectly legit, although they are usually classified differently to "normal" speed runs. Even so,...

  • Video See How Easy It Is To Turn Your Favourite NES Games Into 3D With 3DNES

    You might need a bit of patience

    We recently brought you news of a project called 3DNES, which had the ambitious goal of allowing you to convert your favourite NES games into 3D. Since then the project has moved on a bit and our chums over at Eurogamer have spent a bit of time playing around with it to see how easy it is to use in practice. It...

  • Hardware Classics Pokémon Mini

    Nintendo's smallest console, in both size and stature

    It's somewhat ironic that one of Nintendo's most obscure consoles is so strongly aligned with one of its most instantly recognisable brands, but understanding why the Pokémon Mini wasn't quite as successful as it probably should have been is relatively easy; it was marketed poorly, the games...

  • News Miyamoto And The Super Mario Kart Team On Drifting, Battle Mode And Creating Tension On The Track

    1992 interview gets translated into English for the first time

    Mario Kart is one of Nintendo's most recognisable series but back in the early '90s the idea of the famous mascot hopping into a car was quite unique, and was even seen as something of a risk for the developer. With the benefit of hindsight we can clearly see Super Mario Kart as a moment...

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    Review Hyper Iria

    Metroidless Bounty Huntress

    Banpresto always boasted a healthy lineup of anime and manga licensed video games. If you had a favourite series, there would be a good chance if there was a video game counterpart made for your video game console of choice, it was probably released by Banpresto. Of course, getting a western release was easier said than...

  • News Take a Look at The Terror of Tech Town, the Power Glove Game Lost to the Ages

    "No-one has 3D moves like you and your Power Glove"

    Ah, the Power Glove, a cool idea betrayed by flawed technology and some questionable marketing - it's an iconic part of NES history. It was a flop, as demonstrated by its grand total of two games released specifically for the accessory; Mattel saw its dreams of glove wearing NES gamers taking...

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    New 3DS / SNES

    Review Mega Man 7

    The worst Mega Man is still good

    Mega Man 7 is a game that came at the wrong time. By the time of its original 1995 release fans were a bit beleaguered by continued rapid-fire releases, and interest had shifted from the portly robot that could to his slimmer, cooler younger brother - Mega Man X. If you've played one Mega Man game, you'll be...

  • Anniversary Sonic the Hedgehog is Now 25 Years Old

    Happy Birthday old chum

    Sonic the Hedgehog is 25 years old, with the original game coming out on SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive in North America on 23rd June 1991, kicking off one of gaming's most iconic early rivalries. The 'Bit Wars' between SEGA and Nintendo, Sonic and Mario, were integral to many childhoods of gamers that are now typically over 30...

  • News Hyperkin Seeking Developers To Help Bring The Smartboy To Retail

    "WE built the Smartboy. YOU can make it great"

    Hyperkin's Smartboy began life as a joke but has been quietly bubbling under in the company's R&D labs for the past year. The company has now opened preorders for the peripheral, which attaches to Android phones and allows users to run Game Boy cartridges with the benefit of proper physical...

  • Hardware Classics Nintendo 64

    Will you still love me when I'm 64?

    To mark the 20th birthday of Nintendo's 64-bit wonder we're republishing this feature on the console, which originally went live on the site in December 2014. The Nintendo 64 is a console which divides opinions, even today. For some, it was an unforgivable fall from grace after the dizzying heights of the...

  • Anniversary Super Mario 64 is Now 20 Years Old

    A vital part of gaming history

    2016 is a year with plenty of notable anniversaries, and now one of the most influential games in the industry's history is 20 years old. Super Mario 64 - hat-tip to this NeoGAF thread for the reminder - arrived in Japan on 23rd June 1996, and thanks to time zones that landmark has now been reached in Nintendo's...