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  • Video Catch Up on Yet More Legend of Zelda Easter Eggs

    Linking to the past

    The Legend of Zelda is one of Nintendo's most important franchises and celebrates its 30th Anniversary this year. It's going to get a lot of focus, then, including plenty of fan-created content to celebrate its history and idiosyncrasies. It's taken a little while, but Did You Know Gaming has continued its series that looks at a...

  • Hardware Classics Bit Corp Gamate

    ​From Taiwan with love

    Given that we've covered pretty much every retro console of note in our Hardware Classics series, it was almost inevitable that we'd be forced to investigate systems which could hardly be considered noteworthy from a commercial or critical standpoint. That's certainly the case with Bit Corp Gamate, a handheld console...

  • Video Behind the Scenes of Battletoads with David Wise

    Blast from the past

    Rare is a studio that's known for putting out multiple classics on Nintendo's older hardware. Though the studio is arguably best known for its Nintendo 64 games and its work on the Donkey Kong series, it also put out Battletoads way back on the NES. Known for being a great example of 'Nintendo Hard' gameplay – especially with...

  • News It Looks Like Michael Jackson Did Write Some Of Sonic 3's Soundtrack After All

    Doesn't matter if you're black or white (or blue)

    Back in the early '90s when Michael Jackson was arguably the most famous person on the face of the planet, he started working with Nintendo's rival Sega on a series of video game projects. Sega was quick to exploit Jackson's natural love of video games with Moonwalker being perhaps the most...

  • Ninterview The History of Gaming, In Oil Paint

    We have a chat with Randy Gallegos about his gaming art

    If you've ever seen our Instagram account you'll know we love a bit of gaming art here at Nintendo Life. The majority of the art we come across is digital, however we recently came across the work of an American artist who does things a little differently. Artist Randy Gallegos has been...

  • Video Check Out the Introduction to the Jet Force Gemini Game That Never Was

    What could've been...

    Some of you may remember Jet Force Gemini, a Nintendo 64 classic from the golden days of Rare. Though Banjo-Kazooie and Goldeneye 007 may be games that are mentioned more, Jet Force Gemini was nonetheless a lovely third person shooter that positively oozed of Rare's charm and quality. It was also a one-off game, though...

  • Weirdness Super Mario 64 Expert Collects a Star in 0.5 'A' Button Presses

    "We need to talk about parallel universes..."

    The recent Awesome Games Done Quick marathon served as a fantastic example of speedrunners demonstrating their practiced skill with impressive results. In the wake of its conclusion earlier this month, we've got just the video for anyone still needing their fix of game-breaking talent on display. While...

  • Feature Why We're Still Playing... GoldenEye 007

    Steven Smith revives the laser watch on N64

    In the latest entry in this series we have Nintendo Life newcomer Steven Smith (@N64Memories) talking about GoldenEye 007; no, not that one on Wii, but the N64 original. GoldenEye 007 was my first true experience of a first-person shooter (FPS). Yes, I had played Doom – a classic, o