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  • Video Weep with Us Over these Top Five Gaming Series that Ain't What They Used to Be

    No prizes for guessing number one

    Every series has its high points and its low points, but for some franchises we seem to be stuck at the bottom of a rut with no clear way out. It's sad that some of our favourite series have taken such a nosedive, but that's just what happens sometimes. In an effort to try and inform, entertain, and relieve some...

  • Video Go Bananas With The Full History Of The Monkey Ball Series

    A franchise forever linked with the Nintendo GameCube

    Super Monkey Ball was arguably one of the GameCube's most appealing early releases, offering a gripping concept, appealing lead character and hours of challenge. While the Monkey Ball series has since moved onto other platforms, it will forever be associated with Nintendo's boxy home console -...

  • Random Super Smash Bros. Melee Input Lag Remains a Hot Topic Among Fans

    Input lag using Dolphin netcode, that is...

    Few Nintendo franchises command as much loyalty and community engagement as Super Smash Bros.. From high-profile competitive events down to the hacking and modding scene, it's a series that has a large and devoted following. In the opinion of some Super Smash Bros. Melee is the pinnacle of the series,...

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    Review Rendering Ranger: R2

    ​Shoot or Die

    Are you familiar with the name Manfred Trenz? How about a company called Rainbow Arts? Perhaps the name Turrican will be more relatable? It all depends on how far back you started playing video games, especially in Europe. All three names warranted attention for Commodore 64 and Amiga owners, since they were synonymous with arcade...

  • News You Can Now Play Super Famicom Exclusive Donald Duck & The Magical Hat In English

    ​(Duck) tales of love, magic and part-time employment

    Much like that one Amazing Spider-Man game that never made it to the West, Disney's very own Donald Duck found his way exclusively onto the Japanese Super Famicom with Donald Duck no Mahō no Bōshi - or simply put in plain ol' English, Donald Duck & The Magical Hat. Released in August...

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    Review Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

    ​Never Cling Alone

    There are some video games that show up late in a console generation that push boundaries and defy preconceptions on what was considered possible. Resident Evil 4 immediately springs to mind, not only pushing the series to a point Capcom that hasn't been able to match since but also serving as a template to every other game in...

  • Art Meet The Famicube, The NES Successor That Only Exists In A Parallel Universe

    NES 1.5

    Given that Sony and Microsoft are chewing up the column inches with rumours of "updated" versions of their current consoles, it seems fitting that we should take a look at an amazing project by Swedish artist and programmer Arne Niklas Jansson for what he dubs "the NES 1.5" - a console which would have bridged the gap between the NES and...

  • Video Learn How The Game Boy Made Clever Use of Memory Mapping

    Find a comfortable seat

    A couple of months ago we shared a video by JackTech, which explored in some detail how the Game Boy CPU works. It was part one in a 'hardware autopsy' series that aims to unpick and explain how the iconic portable device operates, providing some insight into how humble technology was used in clever ways. The second part has...

  • News These Radical Retro-Themed Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures Are Coming to San Diego Comic Con


    If amiibo and other collectibles of its type have taught us anything, it's that you're never too old to buy toys. Action figure company NECA knows this only too well, as it's bringing new toys to San Diego Comic Con (21st-24th July) that go straight for a gamer's sense of nostalgia. The action figures you see above will come in two...

  • News Obscure Mario Bros. Famicom Disk System Game Gets Translated Into English

    It's Kaettekita Mario Bros!

    The Famicom Disk System (FDS for short) and its diskettes might have not set Japan ablaze as Nintendo had hoped they would but the system still managed to get a decent library of games, and was also responsible for the debut of both the Metroid and Zelda franchises. One unique title was Kaettekita Mario Bros.

  • News There's A New Famicom Game Being Released In Japan

    Yes, it's still getting games

    Japanese artist and programmer RIKI - the same chap who did the brilliant 8bit Music Power "cartridge album" - is bringing his homebrew indie hit Kira Kira Star Night to the Famicom as a physical release. Released in 2013 and shown off to great acclaim at BitSummit back in 2014, the side-scrolling platformer boasts...

  • News Turns Out The History Of The Virtual Boy Is More Interesting Than The Console Itself

    "I don't recall anybody literally throwing up in the office, we were lucky"

    While the dismal commercial performance of the Wii U has made headlines recently, it's a long way from being Nintendo's most famous failure - that unwelcome accolade falls to the Virtual Boy, which sold around 770,000 units globally back in the '90s. The console is blamed...

  • Ninterview Ahmed Bin Fahad Discusses Building the World's Biggest Nintendo Collection

    "Don’t think purchasing games is a waste"

    In 2014 Ahmed Bin Fahad made headlines when he received the Guinness World Record honour for the biggest Nintendo collection. Consisting of over 8000 pieces, it's an impressive range that shows his love for all things Nintendo, with the estimated cost coming in at around 1.5 million dirhams - the United...

  • Video This Animated Homage To R-Type Makes Us Sad The Series Is Dead

    "No one dies on the first boss!"

    R-Type has been one of our firm favourites here at Nintendo Life for decades; we personally can't get enough of the 8-bit PC Engine and Sega Master System ports as well as the 16-bit outings Super R-Type and R-Type III. Given the title's impact on the shooter genre we therefore couldn't resist featuring this stunning...

  • Video A Look at Pico Cassette, The Retro-Inspired Cartridge for iOS and Android

    Cartridges are all the rage once again

    If you thought the Coleco Chameleon or the recent NX rumours were the last chance for cartridge-based gaming, then this might pick your spirits up. A Japanese group known as the "Pico Cassette Project" has started a

  • News M2 Thinks Sega's Alien Syndrome Would Make A Great 3D Classic

    "We did a little test on it to see how it would turn out and it was great"

    The amazing Sega 3D Classics Collection is available now in North American and Japan, with a European release coming later this year. Sega has posted an interview with Yosuke Okunari, Kagasei Shimomura and Naoki Horii regarding the compendium, and it has been revealed

  • Random We Take the Plunge with these Super Mario Swimming Shorts

    Hard-wear review

    Mario's been plastered over near enough everything in his time, and now the moustachioed mushroom menace can add swimming shorts to that ever-growing list. We decided it was worth slipping a pair on ourselves and taking to a marginally anticlimactic English waterfront to see how they fare. You can catch all the Baywatch-style...

  • Video Here's A Bunch Of Retro Japanese Game Commercials, Just Because

    Star Fox! Sonic! Yoshi! Castlevania! Metroid! Street Fighter! Fire Emblem!

    TV commercials are an artform. Advertisers are limited by time and are competing with a wide range of other products for your attention, so these bite-sized productions have to deliver their message as tightly and effectively as possible. Few commercials are as successful -...

  • Gallery Cover To Cover With Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection

    Art attack

    Super Famicom: The Box Art Collection launches this month, but we've been lucky enough to have the chance to thumb through an advance copy ahead of its official release. Published by Bitmap Books and created by fanatical Super Famicom fan Stu Brett, this 276 page tome highlights some of the best cover artwork of the 16-bit years.

  • News ​Capcom Could Be Planning to Bring Back Old IP

    Goof Troop, anyone?

    Especially in more recent times, Capcom has received a lot of flak for being too reliant upon rereleases and safe sequels, famously stating that it wouldn't produce sequels to games that don't sell at least two million. Fans of the company are right to be upset with this narrowed focus, as Capcom has been around for decades and...

  • Video Take A Look Inside Sega Of America's Testing Facility, Circa 1995

    Tested to destruction

    Back in 1996, Sega of America was at something of a crossroads. The company had successfully bloodied the nose of Nintendo with its Genesis console, but a series of botched hardware launches - including the Sega CD and 32X - had eroded consumer confidence in the brand, and a new competitor had arrived on the scene in the form...

  • Random This Japanese Super Mario 64 Guide Book Is Simply Adorable

    Hope and clay

    No one does guide books quite like the Japanese. Years before such tomes became fashionable as pre-order bonuses here in the west, gamers in Japan were enjoying intricately detailed publications which covered elements such as level designs, walkthroughs and secrets. However, some of these guides went the extra mile and contained...

  • News A Surprisingly Hardcore Snow White NES Game Magically Surfaces

    ...and they played Happily Ever After

    It's OK if you don't recall the movie "Happily Ever After", Filmation's sequel to Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", because it was a terrible flop. We guess people didn't really care for the life of Snow White after the perfect ending of the original tale. There was of course a video game being...

  • Feature A Night at the Arcade

    Mitch Vogel on the experience of gaming in a simpler time

    As a millennial, I was born long after the great heyday of arcades, but it was something that always fascinated me. It was bizarre to think that there was a time before home consoles were so prevalent when the typical video game fan would grab a fistful of quarters and pop down to the...

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    Wii U eShop

    Review Midnight 2

    Another round with a square

    It's not easy to mix chill with challenge, and yet the Midnight series somehow manages to do a quite decent job of it. Petite Games has brought the twilight golf-like back for another go, providing another round of stages with next to no changes in the formula. Midnight 2 should feel right at home to those who played its...

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    Review Majyuuou

    Hell is the impossibility of reason… but it's very pretty

    The Super Nintendo (even in Japan) was marketed as a family friendly system, something easily proven by taking a glance at its excellent game library. Despite that, you can find yourself a few horror gems targeted at a more mature audience that naturally never made it out of Japan. KSS...