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  • Random You Can Now Fly A Drone Using Your Game Boy, If You So Wish

    Pocket power Not so long ago we reported that one industrious individual had turned the Nintendo Power Glove into a device which could control a drone. Now, Gautier Hattenberger has gone one better by turning his dusty old Game Boy into a remote control for his Parrot AR.Drone 2.0. Hattenberger - who is...

  • Video These Five Mario Games Were Never Really Mario Games

    A Link to the Farce Companies will often use a mascot to sell a mostly unrelated product, whether it be a tin of SpaghettiOs or otherwise, it's an expected move by big brands. Video games are no exception to the rule, and more times than we'd like we've been tantalised by the Mario name only for the...

  • Feature ​The Making Of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

    We speak to Sam Barlow about the Wii horror classic

    The Silent Hill series has long been one of gaming's horror greats, often bringing a subtle and mature approach to the genre thanks to its deep characterisation and mature themes. With the high-profile cancellation of Silent Hills on PS4 and Konami's insatiable lust for Pachinko machines showing...

  • News Nintendo Shares The Best NES Nostalgia Photos From UK Fans


    It's fair to say that there is a lot of excitement for the upcoming Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, bundled with 30 of the best classic NES games. If you're a seasoned Nintendo fan then you're certainly going to want to find one under your Christmas tree this year. To celebrate the launch of the NES Mini our chums at...

  • Random Nintendo Acknowledges Virtual Boy After Decades of Passive Denial

    Graphics so good they'll give you a headache

    The 3DS has done a remarkable job in the current economic climate, cutting out a respectable install base several million units sold over it's run. Of course, in the early days of the console, many believed that it would be a failure due to the unfortunate historical precedent that was the Virtual Boy...