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  • Video Take a Look at Retro-Bit's Capcom-Themed NES Controllers

    Go ahead dauntlessly!

    At the start of the year Retro-Bit unveiled its Capcom-themed controllers, mimicking iconic pads from the NES, SNES and Mega Drive / Genesis eras. Naturally those of us with a love for retro gaming can't help but be tempted, especially as they're compatible with PC in addition to the original NES / SNES hardware. Now our video...

  • Video Rare Footage Of Sega's Epcot Innoventions Installation Appears Online

    Genesis! 32X! Sega CD! '90s fashions!

    Back in 1994, Sega and Nintendo were very much at war. The two companies were battling for dominance of the living room, with the Genesis and Super Nintendo firmly ensconced in millions of households all over the world. Keen to push its rival to the limit, Sega took part in a wide range of promotional activities...