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  • Weirdness This Cool System Supports Famicom, Super Famicom and PC Engine Games

    Has its own screen, too

    Retro console mods and units are certainly on our list of cool things here at Nintendo Life, and we often take the opportunity to review clone hardware that allows for extra convenient play of '80s and '90s-era systems. You may have the original units in your collection, but as their chips age and if you don't want multiple...

  • News If You Like Rainbow Road Music, This Album Is For You

    Shiryu brings us Rainbow Road Adventures

    As you may have guessed from all the Mario Kart 8 articles, today is the Wii U title's launch day. A happy occasion for many Wii U owners, certainly, and one being celebrated in various ways. One such celebration that we think you'll enjoy is this album, Rainbow Road Adventures from musician and Nintendo...