Doom Eternal Box Art

If the original conversion of DOOM for the Nintendo Switch is anything to go by (as well as the Wolfenstein ports that fulfil a similar ideal), then DOOM Eternal should be a seriously saucy romp through Hell and back, and what's more you could be doing so for up to 22 hours.

In an interview with, Id Software's Marty Stratton confirmed that the game will take roughly between 18 and 22 hours to complete - presumably in terms of the campaign - but they've still got a bit of stuff left to cram in.


Considering the previous entry took around 9-14 hours on average, we could be looking at nearly double the game for our money this time around, although it should be stated that due to the number of secrets and hidden collectables you could find, it's hard to pin down an average time with much accuracy. It's worth it for all the little Doomguy models though.

Are you itching to rip and tear on a plane, in a train, or just without refrain? Let's all have a natter about it in the comments section.