Power Rangers Update One

While Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is a competent enough fighting game, the main setback is the limited amount of content on offer. Anything extra is also stuck behind a paywall, which tends to be a common practice within modern fighting games.

In an attempt to improve the situation, nWay says it is listening to the community's feedback. As proof, the developer will be adding three new fighters to the game as free downloadable content. These characters in update one will include Dragon Armour Trini, Udonna and Cenozoic Blue Ranger, all drawing on Power Ranger's extensive history.

Somehow, this announcement caused some confusion, with the game's official Twitter account having to clarify these newly announced characters were not the same as the fighters in the season one pass. This paid seasonal content will be arriving separately at a later date.

If nWay continues to be this generous, would you perhaps consider purchasing Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid in the future? Tell us down in the comments.

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