Last time we got an update on the Kickstarter project Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Producer Koji 'Iga' Igarashi revealed WayForward would be assisting with the development by stamping out some really tough bugs.

In the final Kickstarter update for the year, Igarashi said progress on the game has "reached its peak" - with the development team currently checking the performance of it on each platform while dealing with a number of "progression-blocking" bugs. WayForward has also been improving the title:

"WayForward have already helped us improve the game in a number of ways, including creating incredible assets and lighting placements that we’re looking forward to."

505 Games' Senior Community Manager Jason Ryan chimed in at the end of the update to reiterate the current development status of the game as the team worked towards a 2019 launch:

"The team is working on fine-tuning enemy placement throughout the game. This polishing effort is a very important and delicate step. Moving the spawn point for a creature five steps in either direction or adding an additional creature can have a big impact on the flow of a level. It takes a lot of trial and error to get it ‘just right’ and we want it to be ‘just right’.

"In order to get to this point a huge amount of work had to be completed. Level layouts, enemies, animations, assets, combat systems, etc. Due to WayForward’s help on crushing bugs, asset creation and lighting, each level is being made to play better and to look better at the same time."

Below are some photos of the development team hard at work:

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