Big Ant CEO Ross Symons is keen to bring the studio's new Ashes Cricket game to the Switch, but it seems like Nintendo isn't returning his calls.

Ashes Cricket has been confirmed for PS4, Xbox One and PC, but Symons feels like it would also be a perfect fit for Switch:

I would love to do the Switch; the Switch is made for this. There’s nothing like Cricket and using something like the Switch where you have the motion controllers – it just makes sense.

However, he admits that while Big Ant has approached Nintendo about bringing the game to the system, it hasn't had the reaction it perhaps expected: 

Unfortunately I did reach out to Nintendo but it didn’t get much of a response. We’ve made games for Nintendo systems in the past, but I really hope we can support the Switch because it really does make a lot of sense, especially with motion controllers and cricket going together. A little bit of that is up to Nintendo – we need to get someone from Nintendo who wants a cricket game on their system and then we’re up for it.

Would you like to see Ashes Cricket on your Switch? Do you fancy swinging those Joy-Con around for batting and bowling? Are you keen to get all "silly midwicket" with your friends and relatives? Leave a comment to let us know.