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Those of you who happen to follow the Game Boy modding scene will be aware that its relatively easy to tinker with your monochrome system and get a gorgeously sharp and well-lit screen these days, but the Game Boy Color is a harder nut to crack, largely due to the nature of its reflective display, which can't be lit with LEDs as effectively.

Last year, we reported that hacker BennVenn appeared to have hit upon the solution for this issue, and after months of research and development, he's finally ready to lift the lid on his mod. It involves taking a Game Boy Advance AGS-101 screen and cramming it into the shell of the GBC. A special ribbon cable has to be fitted so the console can "talk" to the screen, and some wiring and soldering is also required. It's not an easy job.

As you can see from the video below, the results are impressive - but there are a few catches. The least concerning is that the power LED has to be removed to fit the screen in, but a bigger problem is that the new screen is so big it's impossible to fully close-up the casing.

BennVenn says that with a little more work, it may be possible to create a better version of this mod, but after dropping almost $150 on parts - not including the Game Boy Color itself - it sounds like he's ready to move onto something else. Looks like we'll have to wait a little longer for a perfect GBC screen mod.