Curve Digital have announced today that they will be publishing Bomber Crew in conjunction with developer Runner Duck Games. 

Bomber Crew is a simulation game about managing a WW2-era bomber and its crew, which will be coming to the Switch eShop at some point following the Steam launch on 19th October.

Players will be tasked with taking out valuable enemy targets while avoiding the attention of various hazards such as anti-air flak guns, fighters and Mother Nature herself; weather will play a big part in the game. You'll also need to recruit, train and guide your crew to ensure success.

Simon Byron, Publishing Director for Curve Digital, proudly said: 

We’re incredibly delighted to be working with Runner Duck on their release of Bomber Crew. The game brings together the serious aspects of a simulation game, with a humour that players are going to love.

We have to say this is looking pretty good and it's great to see Curve Digital planning to support the Switch following their record of quality releases on the Wii U eShop.

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