In the category of 'quirky games coming to the Switch eShop', some of you may recall the announcement of Yoku's Island Express, an 'Open World Pinball Adventure' by Swedish development studio Villa Gorilla. It looks like a rather enjoyable spin on pinball physics-based gaming; the trailer below should be a handy reminder.

It's now been announced that the developer is working with Team17 as the game's publisher. Team17 is perhaps best known for the Worms games, but has been stepping up its publishing efforts in a big way. It's been handling the release of Yooka-Laylee and its upcoming Switch version, and is also the publisher of The Escapists 2 - Rattlesnake Springs which is also due later this year.

Yoku's Island Express has also, meanwhile, been given a '2018' release window; initially the target was "Winter 2017/2018", so in practice it's not truly delayed as such if it arrives early next year.

Is this a game you'll be following ahead of its release in 2018?