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Weirdness: Tetris Played With Pillows is Oddly Entertaining

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

We've had Kirby as yarn and Yoshi as wool, after all

As it's the end of a frantic week, and the main talking point going around right now is on a slightly obvious rumour about a Wii U HD Remaster — we'll get to that in our own way shortly — we thought we'd take the chance to relax and simply look at something cool. This video certainly qualifies as just that.

Vimeo user Niko Schatz has produced a neat video that shows how Tetris would play out with cushions and pillows in place of blocks. It actually looks like fun, and it's a pity that Nintendo doesn't own the rights to the property; after all, we've already enjoyed similarly-themed Kirby's Epic Yarn on Wii and have Yoshi's Woolly World on the way to Wii U.

Check it out below and enjoy its cosy approach to the classic game.


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Samuel-Flutter said:

It looks fun and definitely interesting, but I have to wonder if people would like it. I mean if your Tetris pillows could bounce and move, then it would ruin most Tetris players strategy. But honestly I could see myself owning a few of those Tetris pillows.



Mega719 said:

Before i always thought Nintendo owns the rights to Tetris with many games hitting their systems and a remake of two Tetris themes appear in Brawl. Until i heard Ubisoft is making Ultimate

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