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Play & Win: The UK Mario Kart 8 Championship, Heat One, Is On Saturday 16th August

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

The first step to being National Champion

Recently we announced that, in partnership with the Official Nintendo UK Store, we'll be running the Mario Kart 8 Championship 2014 in the UK, looking for the country's fastest racer who'll receive some fantastic prizes.

This Championship will kick off with four online Heats, with the top three in each of those Tournaments then progressing to the live final at EGX London on Saturday 27th September. It's worth remembering that those that qualify will receive travel and accommodation expenses for the event, so even if you weren't planning to go to EGX this could be your ticket in.

The first Heat is now just hours away. Participants must be using a UK Wii U, with the key details below.

Time — Saturday, 16th August 2014, between 4:00pm and 8:00pm UK time

Tournament Code — 2876-5853-5012

Rules — 150cc, All items, All control methods, Hard CPU

There will be multiple prizes on offer at the EGX finale, though the grand prize is worth racing for — the winner receives a boxed copy of every new game published by Nintendo for Wii U which is released in the calendar year following 27th September, £100 of Nintendo eShop credit and more.

For full details of the event, advice on multiple entrants using the same Wii U, and to register so that you receive email reminders, head on over to the Championship hub page.

Will you be joining in?

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ICHIkatakuri said:

Registered and will try to give it a go, but like 123akis says, I'm not good enough to hit the top 3. Some of the players out there are insanely good

On a side note any news on whether PES15 is actually coming to Wii U? I always preferred PES to FIFA as games in PES never end 10-10 more like 3-4 which is at least a bit more realistic.



S3OL said:

I'll definitely be racing. Had bad luck with them so far (damn item hax) but I'll try my absolute best this time. I still need to register though.



Milk said:

Can't make this heat unfortunately but one of the next ones I'll be all over! It'll be a battle to avoid the Blue Shells basically!!



EverythingAmiibo said:

EVERY TIME!!?!?!!! I'm always out somewhere when these tournaments are on! But whatever, I'm going to freaking Alton Towers!



Grumblevolcano said:

Definitely involved with all 4, I don't expect to get top 3 in any of them though it will be interesting how the game update on the 27th August affects the results.



WYLD-WOO said:

Hope I get back home to complete all my races in time this weekend. Good luck everyone.

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