Earlier this year Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure bloomed on the Wii U eShop, a HD remake of the colourful and rather popular WiiWare title. Available in North America and Europe, it's one of a small handful of titles that have made the transition Nintendo's most recent home console store.

Michael Shamgar, the driving force behind developer Nocturnal, has been in touch to give us an overview of sales for the eShop title, which has now been reduced to $4 in North America. Though firm numbers are off the table, the following summaries show how the title is performing for the studio.

  • US sales started strongly, but tailed off rapidly after the initial launch sale ended. Price has now been dropped to $4 USD.
  • European sales have been a real surprise — released two and half months later in EU — outselling the US lifetime figures by 50% within 3 weeks.
  • Total sales are now close to 50% WiiWare (unit) lifetime sales, which has been available for around 5 years.

In addition to exploring options to bring the title to Steam on PC, Nocturnal is aiming to boost US sales; part that drive will be releasing a free demo that includes three levels and a tutorial — likely to be available in North America and Europe in October.

As for what's next, Shamgar tells us that the studio is still deciding on its next project for Wii U, but provided the following pointers:

We have a "story-driven" game in the concept stage, but that's likely to be a big project that may need a lot of funding and development effort.

We may release a smaller, simpler arcade game based around user-generated content (level editor will come with the game). I'm very interested in the potential of using the GamePad for all forms of user content creation, extending to a complete game creation system.

We've seen some examples of level creation tools utilising the GamePad, in addition to next year's Mario Maker, though more titles that support those features would surely be welcome.

Let us know what you think of these details, and Flowerworks HD: Follie's Adventure, in the comments below.