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Gallery: Exploring the Pokémon World Championships in Photos - Day 2

Posted by Jake Shapiro

Even more cute hats

After a day of last-chance qualifiers yesterday, the Pokémon World Championships began in earnest this sunny Saturday in Washington, D.C. While the only competitors in attendance were the few who made it through to the tournament proper, the spectators came in droves today, packing the convention center's large ballroom wall to wall with 'mon. Check out our photo gallery from Day 2 (and click 'em to enlarge):

Mega Slowbro was announced, fans got their hands on the iPad version of the Trading Card Game Online, and battles were won and lost. Stay tuned to Nintendo Life for interviews and more photos over the remainder of the weekend!

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3dcaleb said:

damn that looks so fun!! i wish i was there!
oh, and that tattoo, AWESOME!!!



ValiantPixel said:

I'm envious of that kid with the shiny Gyarados plush. I've been looking to buy one for months, but it's $500 on eBay and I just can't afford it
Ah well, the life of a fan is a tough one! I'll have it some day!

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