Mega Slowbro Screenshot 01

Mega Slowbro was leaked accidentally earlier this week by Nintendo's official Korean website, and now the west has acknowledged its existence with a new trailer revealed earlier today.

Mega Slowbro's ability changes with the transformation into Shell Armour as well as giving the pink rascal additional defence and special attack on account of his new Shellder suit.

In the trailer you can see Mega Slowbro in battle using a variety of moves with amusing animations to fit with its amusing method of standing. Opinion is divided on the choice to Mega Evolve Slowbro instead of Slowking, but for whatever reason Game Freak decided to choose the former to give a new lease of life to. You can find the trailer below.

Which monster from the series would you like to see Mega Evolve in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?