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NES30 GamePad Brings Old School Control To iOS, Android, Mac, Windows And Wii

Posted by Damien McFerran

Let's party like it's 1985

If you're fed up of using the Wiimote for games like New Super Mario Bros. Wii and Donkey Kong Country Returns, then you might want to take a look at 8Bitdo's new NES30 GamePad controller.

A near-perfect replication of the original 1985 Nintendo Entertainment System joypad, this controller brings the concept up to date by adding more buttons and allowing wireless connectivity with Windows, Mac, iOS and Android — as well as the Wii.

It contains a 480mAh rechargeable Li-on battery, and comes with a case which doubles as a stand for your smartphone or tablet. The firmware is also upgradable using the supplied USB cable, which means new functions and features can be added in the future. The USB cable also allows the pad to be used as a wired controller with devices which don't boast Bluetooth support.

8Bitdo is making the NES30 available through a wide range of global distributors, which you can find here. UK site Playmods is retailing the pad for 39.99 Euros (that's just over £30), while Supreme Equipment is currently selling the device with a 5 percent discount at $37.99 in North America. Both companies are sold out at present, but more stock is expected to arrive soon.

Is this a product you've be interesting in picking up? Let us know by hammering those A and B buttons and posting a comment below.


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Shiryu said:

Ah, I can imagine all the pain of prolonged gaming with this... I still want it, but I think the SNES joypad is by far the greatest controller ever.



Pahvi said:

So it has tilt sensors built-in then? In theory interesting, since I'd like a good wireless pad for playing Wii VC games.

Not sure about the "good" part and the design of the controller is still painful.



Damo said:

@ueI I think it's just the Wii - it might work in Wii mode on the Wii U. We're looking to source a review unit, and we'll be sure to test this.



Bulbousaur said:

I heard about this a few days ago and thought it was interesting, but now I know it works as a Wii controller I'll probably end up buying it. I guess it works as a sideways WiiMote, but does it work with motion controls since the majority of Wii platformers (particularly NSMBWii and DKCR) basically require them? My honest guess is that it only works with Virtual Console games.



Mecha_Boo said:

Wow, that controller looks really ugly when you slap an extra 2 buttons on it



Damo said:

@Bulbousaur There's video showing it being used with Mario Bros. Wii, so I'm guessing it has motion sensors. No reason why it shouldn't, they're not expensive these days.



Third said:

@Bulbousaur It doesn't have motion controls, but it can emulate them. They've got a video of a 2-player NSMB Wii game showing how they use the shoulder buttons to emulate the Wii motion:
L is turn to left, R is turn to right, L+R is shake. It's pretty much just for NSMB Wii support. Games that require actual free motion, or more precise tilting like Mario Kart Wii will not work. More details in the firmware release notes:

Also note that it emulates a Wiimote, NOT a Classic Controller. So while it has all the buttons of an SNES controller, it will NOT work with SNES Virtual Console games.
It seems to have flexible firmware, so maybe they'll add support for it in the future.



Alucard83 said:

No thanks. This is a controller for little tiny hands. Not that mine are big, but whenever i play my old snes console with the controller it feels just so tiny and no supoort for the hand. For long gameplay it's just not ok anymore.



SetupDisk said:

It looks cool but a sideways wiimote is closer to the actual NES controller layout.



russellohh said:

480 mAh? For comparison, two AAs in a wiimote is about 5,000 mAh. Without speakers, a status light or rumble, this would last longer, but still...



Ralizah said:

Why not just design it to look more like an SNES controller since that's clearly the functionality they're aiming for with the button arrangement and whatnot?



audiobrainiac said:

Aw Nintendo should've made this for Wii U! Would be nice to use this as an alternative to the Wii U Controller Pro. It looks so cool, I MUST HAVE IT.



Baloo said:

i think the nes controller was used to be more portable over a snes controller, its very pocket-able which is the point to a mobile controller. Ive ordered one through the ebay page works out about £24 delivered



Luigi21 said:

I understand wanting to go retro and release something similar to the NES gamepad, but the SNES gamepad is just so much better.



bofis said:

@ueI If it acts as a WiiMote I do not see why not, older, even non-motion-plus WiiMotes work fine with the WiiU, it just won't do any motion or pointing, but it would work perfectly for VC and anything that needs a sideways WiiMote I suspect.



TheAdrock said:

Not worth 40 bucks. But for 20 I'd probably get one. EDIT: says it supports Wii but not WiiU, which makes no sense. If it doesn't work on the U then who cares?



sdelfin said:

Clearly, recreating the original, iconic NES controller is good for visibility and publicity, but it puts nostalgia over ergonomics. There are many controllers that improved on the design that would be just about as portable. The NES dog-bone controller is a good example. PC Engine controllers had rounded sides for better comfort and were excellent controllers as well.

I'm personally a fan of the old PC Engine and Sega style(especially Sega's) disk-shaped d-pads as well as six face buttons like on the old Genesis 6-button and Saturn pads, which are my two favorite gamepads.



TenEighty said:

I like it! Only if Nintendo would listen to its customers we would see more cool stuff like this. At least other companies are seeing what gamers want.

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