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Japanese Video Site Niconico Live Streaming Hyrule Warriors Tomorrow

Posted by Damien McFerran

Footage of new characters in action?

We've already had news regarding new additions to the Hyrule Warriors roster, and tomorrow Japanese video sharing site Niconico will be live streaming footage of the game — presumably showing these fresh combatants in action.

The event will take place at 9PM Japanese time, which is 1PM if you're based in the UK. For North American readers, it's 8AM Eastern, 5AM Pacific.

Point your browser at this page at those times tomorrow to watch and learn.

Hyrule Warriors launches in Japan on August 14th, with the North American and European releases happening on 26th and 19th of September respectively. In the meantime, feel free to tide yourself over by watching the off-screen footage we captured at Nintendo UK's recent post-E3 event in London.

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Prof_Clayton said:

This game is certainly benefiting from this vigorous advertising, there is already a lot of hype for a game coming out next month in Japan only.

Unrelated to my previous thought, but will this game have offscreen play?



Tsurii said:

@Prof_Clayton I don't know if it's confirmed for single player, but in coop one player's on the TV and the other one on the game pad.'s not confirmed afaik, but very likely.

oh hype for this game is over 9000 by now. I think they will reveal a few more characters till release in Japan and keep theo there secret. And that's definitely a better way to build hype than the excessive character reveals for MK8 or even Smash Bros. I still remember when I started Brawl for the first time and was happy to see just someone like Sheik, because I went completely blind into the game, but it's become really difficult to do something like that nowadays..and Brawl didn't even release that long ago :/



Prof_Clayton said:

@Tsurii897 Alright. Thanks. :3
With my Wii U sitting in my living room I'd probably have to play this offscreen, seeing as my parents do not approve of violent games. >_>
...cannot wait for college.



EverythingAmiibo said:

@Tsurii897 I know the feeling (about going blind), though the reason I never knew back then was because my only source of Nintendo news was the Nintendo Channel, that is, if it ever loaded.



yemsols said:

You sure it's 8AM Eastern? Cause I was pretty sure it was 10am Eastern Standard Time for North America and 9am EDT for Canada



JSaario said:

Im so sick and tired of people calling this game a mindless button masher. What is it with Beat em' ups and hack n' slashes in North America that get such incredibly horrible reps? Does no one like being an indestructible bad-ass and decimate everything? This game has really shown me how bad most Zelda fans are, I cant even consider myself a fan anymore just someone who really like the series. Now at this point it wont matter how good the game is its going to automatically get biased nostalgia blind scores everywhere here.



noctowl said:

@JSaario get use to it, because that's exactly what it is. A mindless button masher. However, I don't see that as a negative. Games like this are a nice change of pace from the norm when you just want to sit back and relax.



JSaario said:

@noctowl No thats incredibly insulting Games like this main drive is combat, using combos moves and others ways of fighting to defeat enemies in fun flashy cool ways. Plus I highly doubt you've played it yet, your just like the people I described. Why is there such a horrible nerve and drive to insult this game every step of the way? ITS. A. SPINOFF!



noctowl said:

@JSaario I played plenty of dynasty warrior games back in the ps2 days. This will be just like they were.

Read it again slowly. Button mashing isn't a bad thing. It's a good change a pace. But don't pretend this game needs precise button presses to exacute the combos we see in the trailers.



JSaario said:

So on what you've played years ago, your going to treat this completely new game that has proven to have different gameplay styles to the traditional Dynasty Warriors games the same without even played it yourself first? Thats not how it works, you cant just form an opinion and talk crap about something if you haven't played it yet it doesn't work that way.



cdude said:

@JSaario From the gameplay videos and previews written, it plays exacrly like every other warriors game ever released. From the grunts just standing there waiting to be killed, to the generals spamming block, it is literally a dynasty warriors game-by design-with zelda skins and that's it.

For people that like warriors games, it's great. For people like me, the entire project is a waste of time and ultimately a very poor use of the zelda franchise.

If youre honestly expecting something special or different from the warriors same old-sameold, you will be disappointed.



JSaario said:

@cdude My...god. You understand nothing everything you just said is a complete lie. I don't know what you think you know about the game but your wrong. The enemies stay there because its on easy mode something NO ONE understands, it has already shown Zelda styles of gameplay, games like this use combos and combination to combat enemies. This is a celebration of the 2 series. Don't you dare think you know what the heck your talking about until you've done every bit of research on the game first. You understand me? Every single complaint I hear about the game has never been justified or made with fair non biased opinions.



SahashraLA said:

For me, @cdude, the first 40 minutes of Skyward Sword were boring, frustrating and rather obnoxious. Like Twilight Princess before it.
MAYBE, there are Zelda fans that want less BS in their storylines and more action.
I like a story that doesn't drag its feet for the first hour.
I LOVE Zelda.
I just kinda like DW.
But it's not some over the top 'historical re-creation' that KT usually tries to spin. The Zelda element IS the main draw. Honestly, I've played 8 or 9 of the games and there are alot of notable differences between the main series entries and the spin-offs.
With Nintendo's input (on weapons, content, music, animation, storyline and controls) it will be impossible to tell just how much the game differs from both the main series and the existing spin-offs.



ThreadShadow said:

I wonder if they should have made her mask more like Majora's Mask. Though her colours are comparable to Vaati's. Vaati never had a mask did he?



SahashraLA said:

It's strange, with the mask, I'm certain the witch is like Ghirahim (multiple forms). One idea I had for a Zelda villain was a twist on Midna. Someone smaller and not very threatening that matured and became one of Link's greatest foes.



ben- said:

@cdude For people like you every one should start referring to Link as " that guy from Hyrule warriors."



3MonthBeef said:

For U.S its 10am EST (9am CST, 7am PST). My math may be wrong but that's 3pm UK time.

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